Moroccan Secret Key Stash Box Review
Build Quality75%
Look and Feel65%
60%Overall Score

Welcome to the Moroccan Secret Key Stash Box Review! This box is basically a puzzle box that keeps those who don’t know it’s secrets out while allowing those who do know them to access the treasures within. It’s a pretty stylish little storage solution so let’s get into the Moroccan Secret Key Stash Box Review to see what this box can really do!

Product Pros

  1. Stylish look
  2. Hard to get open
  3. Good quality wood

Product Cons

  1. Not smell proof
  2. Key is hidden on the box, which could be found by anybody with enough patience




Moroccan Secret Key Stash Box Review : Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

The box is made from Thuya wood that supposedly comes from North Africa. It has a nice smell to it and they did a great job machining the box and making all the pieces slide so you can get to the key and the lock.



The look of the box isn’t really suspicious in and of itself. It can pretty easily blend into a home environment. The discretion falls off a bit when it comes to the box’s ability to to cover smells. Since it isn’t exactly smell proof, the more smell your herb has, the more the box will give itself away. This is a bit of a let down because it’s a nice looking box and it’s well made otherwise.

Moroccan Secret Key Stash Box Review - box open and closed


Look and Feel

As I mentioned earlier, this box looks pretty nice. The wood look is very classy and the overall feel of the box is that of a high quality box as a result. It doesn’t have much in the way of adornment or fancy decoration on the outside, which might not be the best for some enthusiasts, but it does just fine for those looking for a minimalist storage solution



You could fit a large amount of herb in this box. The box comes in a few different sizes, and I’d estimate that an ounce or two of herb would fit in the biggest box without much of an issue. This is great news for anybody looking for something that can hold a lot in a semi discreet fashion.


The box is good quality and it can hold a lot of herb, but the lack of a seal does mean that the box won’t be doing much to keep the herb fresh. The real appeal of this box is the complex way you open it. That being said, if you’re looking for a box that will keep your herb safe and secure and leave thieves unable to steal it, this might not be the best solution. They could just take the whole box, then spend whatever time is necessary to figure out how it opens….or just break the damn thing and take the herb. Wood isn’t exactly known for being indestructible.

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2 Responses

  1. Tim

    I would say that smelly proof is more of concern than looks. kinda defeats the purpose of hiding your stash if everyone can smell it wouldn’t you say? lol

    • Dan C

      It really depends on who you are and why you need a storage solution, but in our opinion, yes. It’s like hiding in a box with your butt sticking out the top.


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