Silicone Wax Jar Review
Build Quality 65%
Look and Feel70%
61%Overall Score

Welcome to the Silicone Wax Jar Review! With how popular waxes and other extracts have become, there have been an influx of storage jars specifically for extracts, which are a very different consistency and require different treatment than your standard dry herb. Today, we’ll be taking a look at a wax jar from an unknown manufacturer to see if these little jars are worth the price. Without further delay, let’s get into the Silicone Wax Jar Review to see what this jar has to offer!

Product Pros

  1. Colorful silicone looks cool
  2. Easy to open and close
  3. Easy to carry around with you

Product Cons

  1. The seal isn’t totally reliable
  2. Not the largest capacity
  3. Not always the easiest to keep clean
  4. Sharp extract tools can damage it


Silicone Wax Jar Review: Breakdown

Build Quality

Build Quality

This container is actually surprisingly well molded. There is no build to this jar because the jar itself is made up of 2 pieces of silicone that have been molded to fit together quite perfectly. From that perspective, it’s well made as the 2 parts were designed well enough that the top fits pretty snugly onto the bottom. That being said, it is silicone, which can cause a problem for some people when it comes to scraping it with your tool as a sharp tool could do some damage to the silicone.



The container itself might be a bit on the colorful side, but it doesn’t end up causing much of an issue as it can be easily placed out of sight as it’s small enough that it can go just about anywhere. If you put it among other objects that are just as colorful, it would blend right in, but in a rather bland atmosphere it would likely stick out quite a bit. From the perspective of smell, this jar doesn’t give itself away. It helps that extracts don’t have as strong and noticeable a smell as dry herbs do, but the jar also seals in such a way that smell isn’t likely to just escape from the jar. There aren’t any designs on the jar, so there aren’t any pictures or words that could give the jar away. 

Silicone Wax Jar Review - Close Up Inside The Jar

Look and Feel

We actually really like how this little jar looks. It’s really cool to look at, even if it is a bit on the loud side as far as colors go. If you’re not a fan of the multi-color look then this might not appeal to you as much, but we appreciated the jar’s sense of flair. The jar feels like it’s somewhere between a high quality jar and a cheap jar because it’s made of silicone. The silicone is really flexible so that the entire jar and top bend a lot. This can be a problem wehn you’re carrying it around as some of the more liquid-like extracts could find their way out of the jar if it bends a certain way.  



This jar unfortunately has a pretty low capacity . When it comes to extracts, you don’t need anywhere near as much as you do when it comes to dry herb, so in that respect it holds a good bit, but it still isn’t a match for some of the jars we’ve seen out there that an hold almost double what this container can hold.  


The best way to summarize this whole review is that this is a good jar to carry small amounts of wax in, but oils should be avoided because they could leak out, and other harder extracts won’t have enough room. It’s a really fun looking jar , but it could use some improvements in size and stability. If it came in a different color, it would also help for people tho want a more discreet color, but for what it is at a price tag of about $2 it’s a pretty great buy!

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