SMOK AL85 Vape Kit Review - Little Alien
Build Quality83%
Vapor Quality86%
83%Overall Score

Fans of the original Smok Alien 220 rejoice! For another new device by the ubiquitous company has been released, the Smok AL85 is an ultra compact mod which looks like its taken some fashion advice from its bigger brother the Alien 220. It seems like Smok is looking to corner every inch of the vaping market by releasing multitudes of devices with varying looks and sizes,  but the question here is: Is the AL85 worthy of your vaping dollars? Let’s find out in the review below.

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Product Pros

  • Extremely compact
  • Big, informative display
  • Beautiful styling

Product Cons

  • Only a single battery device
  • Doesn’t come with extra glass for tank


SMOK AL85 Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. The quote comes to mind upon first glance of the AL85 as it looks like Smok directly took a page out of the iStick Pico’s book, featuring a very similar form factor but with slight changes to the firing button, screen, and external design, still giving it that very signature Smok look.

The clicky firing button is actually a trigger that covers the entire length of the device making it easy to locate and click by just simply gripping the device. The display on the AL85 can be considered massive considering the size of the device, making it one of the most vibrant and informative screens on a device with this form factor.

While the entire device definitely reeks of quality when held in hand, I have qualms with the threading on the battery cap that screws on to the top of the device. While screwing the cap on certainly doesn’t feel crunchy, I think it definitely could be smoother and might be something that Smok can improve upon in the future.

The predecessor of the AL85, the Alien 220 while being a very good looking device had a bad habit of being unable to retain it’s good looks. Within a few weeks of use, the Alien 220’s finish would inevitably chip leaving behind a mod that looked like it had just been dug up from a time capsule buried in the 1950’s.

Luckily Smok has updated the finish on the new AL85 ensuring that this beautiful device stays pretty. With an abundance of color options (over fifteen!) it’s going to be difficult to find a reason to disagree with this device’s aesthetics.



Vapor Quality

The AL85 kit comes packaged with the renowned Baby Beast Subohm tank, which for those unfamiliar, vapes like an absolute dream out of the box. Preinstalled in the Baby Beast is a 0.4ohm dual coil, and the kit also includes a 0.6ohm coil head as well.

The airflow on the tank is nice and swooshy without being turbulent, flavor is on point as all the subtle notes on whatever juice you put in the tank will stand out. Vapor production is also very satisfactory, with the tank being able to produce nice dense clouds which is great for all the cloud chasers out there.

One thing I noticed Smok could’ve done better though, is to include a spare glass cylinder for the Baby Beast. As much as most of us take care of our mods, accidents do happen so having a spare packaged in the kit would be a great way of putting our minds at ease.

Considering that the device holds such a small footprint, it certainly packs a major punch being powered by a single 18650 battery (not included)  that allows the wattage on this mod to go up to an impressive 85 watts, although vaping at maximum wattage all day isn’t recommended as the voltage on the cell will quickly deplete, and the onboard chip on the mod will eventually taper down the output to a wattage that the single battery can deliver.





Just because it’s really small, doesn’t mean that Smok left out all the great features from their bigger devices.

The AL85 supports the full range of temperature control options from stainless steel, nickel, and titanium while also being able to adjust wattage and TCR curves on the go without the need to hook it up to a computer for configuring.

The device also supports atomizers up to 25mm, something that it’s inspiration, the iStick Pico cannot do.

This is great for those who prefer to go their own route for choosing their atomizer instead of vaping on the prepackaged tank, allowing a greater range of atomizers to fit on top of the device without any overhang.



While the AL85 device is slightly thicker than the iStick Pico, it matches it in all other dimensions. It can be guessed that Smok made their device this way so that it could be compatible with atomizers larger than 22mm, a limitation that the Pico is inherently guilty of. All in all, it’s an extremely compact device.

Medium to large sized hands just swallow up the device when held, making it vanish from view. The large firing trigger on the side is a nice contrast to the device’s minuscule size though, as it still makes the mod easy to fire even for those whose hands are on the larger side.

A major disadvantage though when using devices of this form factor is that battery life certainly wont match up to its bigger brothers. Due to the AL85 being powered by a single 18650 battery, it’s going to be a must to bring along spares if you want to keep this device powered for the entire day which might prove a hassle to some.

The mod does allow for charging via the micro USB port so that could considered a workaround when it comes to dealing with the quickly depleting battery life of this mod.


The Smok AL85 kit is a great starter pack for those looking into getting their first variable wattage or for quitting smokers who want to skip to the real deal and not bother with the limitations of all in one devices. It serves as a worthy competitor to the iStick Pico, even besting it in terms of screen size, and atomizer compatibility while slightly losing out in terms of smaller footprint (by a very small margin).

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