Stash Batteries Review
Build Quality60%
Look and Feel75%
70%Overall Score

Welcome to the Stash Batteries Review! Today’s review is dedicated to a very special storage solution, stash batteries! These little stashes can be an awesome way to keep your herb fresh, safe and out of sight by hiding it right out in the open like a master ninja. How useful could this little item be to you? Let’s get into the Stash Batteries Review and find out, shall we?

Product Pros

  1. Easy to hide in plain sight
  2. Decent seal

Product Cons

  1. Individual capacity is small
  2. Batteries are falling out of use





Stash Batteries Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

This is probably the shakiest area to evaluate when it comes to these stashes. The quality can vary pretty widely from manufacturer to manufacturer when it comes to the covering on the outside. A cheaper manufacturer won’t have the proper quality controls in place to make sure everything looks uniform and legit, and finding something like a battery where the positive and negative sides are improperly indicated could spell disaster in the wrong scenario. This means you’ll need to pick your source wisely. When it comes to the actual insides, it’s less of a game of roulette and more of a sure bet…like a fixed race. The set up is pretty standard across the board with chamber and a screw top. When it comes to the screw top, there isn’t much odor leakage and it keeps your herb securely tucked away.



This is where the fun really starts for these stashes. The first thing we should address is that if the battery looks legit, it will blend in nicely. If it looks like a horrible fake, that’s going to be a problem. There are a few routes you can take when it comes to these stashes and each has it’s positives and negatives. If you choose to go with a battery that looks like a major brand, the positive is that it will likely look exactly like that type of battery at first glance. You can also buy a pack of the batteries that they’re modeled after and hide your stash among them! That is a huge advantage because it lets your stash exist in the open without drawing any attention! The negative here is that if someone does pick up your stash battery and try to use it, things could go south pretty fast. Worse yet, if you don’t buy a bunch of batteries like it so it can blend in, these batteries often have to have subtle but still major details changed to avoid copyright infringement. The look of the battery is, after all, the manufacturers brand. That means someone could spot it if they tried like these “Durasell” stash batteries.

The alternative is to go for a stash battery that looks like it’s a no-name-brand battery from the dollar store. The problem here is that they’re usually original designs and you won’t be able to find batteries that look much like it. This means it can’t hide in plain sight, and it then becomes a problem for discretion. Add to that the fact that batteries in and of themselves are falling out of use and being replaced by electronics that are powered by built-in rechargeable batteries and you could have a recipe for an obsolete product in about 5-10 years. At that point, you’ll look suspicious and kind of stupid for having any batteries at all. Either way, there is a bit of risk involved, but the long and the short here is that with a bit of strategy, these can make for a really discreet way to store your herb, at least for now.

Stash Batteries Review - Opened Stash Battery


Look and Feel

The look and feel of these stashes are often pretty good. They usually look on point with either a covering that looks like a major brand with small differences or no-name-brand batteries that came from god only knows where. If the manufacturer is on point, there won’t be any huge mistakes in the look that would attract too much attention, but the feel is where these things really shine. They are usually weighted to feel like the weight of a normal battery, so you can rest assured that if someone picked it up, the jig wouldn’t instantly be up.



On an individual level, these batteries aren’t much to shake a stick at. They don’t have much capacity individually, even the D batteries aren’t amazing in this regard because much of the space inside is dedicated to making sure the stash weighs the same as a normal battery. However, these stashes shine in their numbers rather than their individual capacity. Batteries are never bought as 1 and you usually never put just 1 into any electronic device. You can stand to have about 25 of these around without turning many heads if you have remotes, clocks or the like around your house. Even with a small capacity, multiply that by 25 and you have a formidable stash hiding in plain sight!


To sum things up, this stash is more than capable of being a great hiding spot for herb you might not want found. It might be lacking a bit in capacity on it’s own, but these little stashes can make up for what they lack in individual capacity with overwhelming numbers. It never hurts to have an extra stash like this around for an emergency so if you need a way to keep your herb out of sight and out of mind, batteries like these will serve you well!

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