Stash Can Review
Build Quality65%
Look and Feel90%
78%Overall Score

Welcome to the Stash Can Review! This is going to be a pretty exciting review because, as you know, we like to review these types of storage solutions as a group, and what an insane group it is! The variety available when it comes to stash cans is absolutely astounding and makes this one of the most interesting sections to evaluate, so let’s get into the Stash Can review to dissect this category of secret storage options!

Product Pros

  1. Insane variety
  2. Convincing exteriors
  3. High quality

Product Cons

  1. Not a perfect seal for freshness
  2. A very little bit of smell can escape




Stash Can Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

This category isn’t exactly a show stopper, but the materials are usually high enough quality to fool anybody who looks at them or picks them up quickly. They’re usually  made from good quality aluminum most of the time and in the case of cans like coffee cans, they have a nice plastic top modeled after the can they’re imitating. The storage part inside the cans depend on the can, in some cases it’s glass and other times it’s plastic but this is usually done to keep the weight of the stash can as close to the original weight of the can it’s modeled after to fool unsuspecting individuals who might come in contact with it.



These cans are remarkably close to being the most discreet storage solution you could possibly hope for. They come in a crazy array of sizes and types – you can find anything from a pill bottle to a soup can or even an air freshener can! This way it can hide in plain sight. Better still, it doesn’t even matter what kind of person you are – not a soup guy? Fine, you can get a pop can stash safe. Not a pop kind of person? Cool, you can get a dog food can. Don’t have a dog? Not a problem, you can get a coffee can safe. Not a coffee drinker? That’s alright, you can get a can of fruit cocktail to stash your herb in. Not a…okay, you get the idea. Your bases are covered with these cans.

Stash Can Review - Opened Campbell's Soup Stash Can


Look and Feel

Just take a look at the Rolling Paper Warehouse’s Stash Can selection and you’ll see, the look of the cans is amazing. That’s because they’re likely made from the actual cans they look like. For that reason, they look and feel exactly like the real thing – copyright infringement be damned! Hidden among real coke cans in a case would make this can nearly impossible to find for anybody who wasn’t looking. Hell, even if you were looking for it, it would be really hard to find.



Unless you have so much herb you have to hide it in an oil drum, these cans will have you covered without a doubt. You can get storage cans the size of a pill bottle or as big as a jar of peanut butter or Maxwell House Coffee. This will have you covered for anything from a gram to somewhere near 2 ounces depending on how tightly it’s packed into the container.


To be totally honest, this is some of the most impressive secret stashes we’ve seen in a while. They’re so convincing, so easy to hide in plain sight and the variety makes it so that you can find something that suits your needs no matter what kind of person you might be. The only real issue is that the seal isn’t perfect, and some smell might leak from the can, but with some clever planning, you can minimize that to a point where it won’t be much of an issue at all. These cans are the kings of discretion in storage solutions.

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