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Welcome to the Stash Candle Review! Today we’re going to review a neat little idea for all your enthusiasts out there looking for ways to keep your herb and other valuables safe from prying eyes. The Stash Candle is a pretty great way to inconspicuously hide something important that you want kept out of sight but still within arms reach. We’ll be exploring and reviewing the idea as opposed to any one specific stash candle, so lets get into the Stash Candle review to break down the specifics of this interesting and innovative storage method!

Product Pros

  1. inconspicuous
  2. Functional
  3. Can stay out in full view

Product Cons

  1. Useless for those who don’t keep candles around the house
  2. Will reveal its secret if lit for too long


Stash Candle Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

The basic premise of these things is that the candle is actually a candle. It’s made of wax, it has a wick, and it can be lit too so you can light it and prove how “normal” it is. The secret of the candle is in the bottom, where the inside has been hollowed out some to fit a storage compartment, usually made of aluminum. The tops are often twist off and the canisters that fit in the bottom aren’t anything spectacular. That being said, you could theoretically make your own, and customize it to have an amazing canister. That’s the beauty of working with such a simple material as wax, you can make this thing yourself if you really need to and there are plenty of tutorials online that can reach you the basics of candle making that can then be adapted to suit your needs. With that in mind, your skills would be the only thing stopping you from making a masterpiece!



The original containers that are used as the secret storage compartments in these candles are alright. Like I mentioned before, they’re nothing really that special – they have a screw top so you can expect that much of the smell that the contents might generate won’t leak out too much. Luckily, candles can be scented, and a scented candle would block most if not all of the leaked smell making this a pretty great storage solution unless your friend has the nose of a blood hound. If you make your own, you can incorporate an even more high quality container that would block the smell even more. You’d also be able to scent the candle with something that could totally obliterate the smell of the contents making for an extremely discreet stash solution.

There is, however, one slight problem. If you’re not the kind of person who has candles around your abode, it might be suspicious if one or many just suddenly sprang up in your living room. People might start asking questions you don’t have good answers for, and that could kill the discreetness of this storage solution. This is the delicate balance of a secret stash solution, but this one’s mere existence doesn’t apply as much to most as it does to some.

Stash Candle Review - A collection of stash candles


Look and Feel

The best part about stash candles is that they look and are like normal candles in almost every single way except the secret storage compartment. When you look at it from afar, they don’t look any different from a normal candle and they’re still made with real wax and a wick. As long as you’re the kind of person who could have candles around their living space without it looking strange, it won’t look odd at all!



This is one of those details that also depends on the candle you buy. The bigger the candle, the bigger the storage space can be. Some candles can fit about an ounce of herb while others could barely hold a quarter of that. If you make your own candle you’ll have full control of that and you can customize it to make one with a storage compartment that fits your exact needs for storage. Just remember, the bigger the storage canister in the candle, the bigger the candle has to be to hold it. The bigger the candle is, the more it might stand out.


The final verdict for this is that if you happen to be a girl, live with a girl or already have a history of liking and collecting scented and decorative candles, you’ll be able to make great use of this storage solution. Better still, if you make candles, you’re even more set. You can make wax masterpieces with a storage capacity that perfectly fits your needs. If not, you’ll probably find it difficult to incorporate this into your life. For those of you in that last category who still want to make use of this storage solution might want to start laying the ground work and buying some normal candles to give your special candle a place and situation it can blend into. Either way, when you’re ready, you can either make your own or buy them online from places like or It’s always good to have options.

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