Stash CD Case Review
Build Quality60%
Look and Feel65%
62%Overall Score

Welcome to the Stash CD Case Review! Today we’re taking a look at a secret storage solution that would have been absolutely perfect in the early 2000’s, but is it still a safe place to hide your stash today? The premise is simple, you have what looks like a bunch of CD’s, and inside it is a secret compartment to hide your herb. To figure out how valuable this might be to you, we wrote this Stash CD Case Review to get up close and personal with this style of storage.

Product Pros

  1. Can be inconspicuous

Product Cons

  1. Capacity isn’t amazing
  2. Smell leakage
  3. Not a good seal




Stash CD Case Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

These cases are made pretty much as you’d expect them to be – it’s a jewel case like a normal CD with a special compartment built into the case to secretly store your stash. The opening to the stash is plastic on the top like the inside of a normal CD case, and the inside is usually a felt-lined compartment. The build quality is average and doesn’t really have any crazy surprises that screams extravagance. You can check out the Stash CD Set video of how to use it for yourself to continue to not be wowed if you like.



This is 2014, for anybody who had no idea what year it was, and we’ll soon be in 2015. These are the days of digital music, mp3’s and the like are the norm and almost nobody buys CD’s anymore. In fact, it might be safe to assume that more people buy records for the quality and nostalgia than CD’s. In this particular case, if you have a bunch of CD’s already lying around the house, you might be able to get this and hide it among those, but those people are likely few and far between. There’s aren’t many people around who have an impressive enough CD collection for this stash case to go unnoticed. Furthermore, this case doesn’t exactly seal in any way, which means smell escapes pretty easily from this stash case. This is a problem for discretion as it’s a problem if someone can smell what you’re trying to hide. Under those circumstances, it won’t stay hidden long.

Stash CD Case Review - Open stash CD Case


Look and Feel

The cases don’t exactly look or feel really high quality. The quality is good, don’t get me wrong. The felt-lined stash section of the case feels nice and does a good job of protecting any fragile contents from being too easily damaged, but jewel cases always have a tendency to feel like they could be and have been purchased at the dollar store. That’s not really the fault of the cases, it’s just the nature of a CD but it doesn’t change the fact that for the price you might feel a bit cheated. The cover used for this CD case looks brutally boring, which is good because you wouldn’t want it to have a cover that makes people want to take it out, open it and play the CD, so it does score some points to that end.



Inside the case, the storage section is 11 cm x 10 cm and 5 cm deep. This is alright for some people, but other people might be looking for a more compact solution or even a larger form of storage, but either way, with a Stash CD Case you’re restricted to one size, which isn’t the most convenient or accommodating storage solution.


It’s unfortunate that this storage solution didn’t perform better. The idea has some potential, but most of us is wasted because it doesn’t seal, it only comes in 1 size and, of course, it’s a CD. This ends up being a bit of a problem for many enthusiasts who’re looking for a secret stash solution. I guess they’ll just have to find some other way to hide their herb…..*cough*stash cans*cough.

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