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Build Quality65%
Vapor Quality70%
65%Overall Score

There are an overwhelming amount of starter options available for getting started on e-juice, ranging from super-basic units like the V2 Pro Series 3 to the mod madness of the Cool Fire IV kit.  The VaporFi Rebel 3 Starter Kit is intended to be a complete kit for beginners and is the third incarnation of the Rebel vaporizer, but how much of a difference will this machine make for both the novice and the expert? Check out the Vapesterdam review to find out!

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Product Pros

  • Low-price high-end mod
  • Easy to use
  • Battery and tank are both good for portability

Product Cons

  • Knockoff design
  • Battery cannot be replaced

VaporFi Rebel 3 Kit Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

The mostly stainless-steel build of the Rebel 3 is fairly strong for this type of vape. It is strong enough that one could use this as a bludgeoning tool and wouldn’t need to worry about shattering the unit. The tank for the Rebel 3 is humongous, capable of holding up to 5.8mL which makes it one of the largest tanks available on the market; however, the instruction booklet says that the tank holds 5.5ml. So, we’re not sure exactly how much juice this thing holds, but either way, it’s a lot. The Rebel 3 uses a stainless steel 3000mAh battery enclosed within the device (with ventilation holes for the battery), so you won’t need to buy a separate battery (but you also won’t be able to change this battery out once it dies).

There’s a fair amount of safety protection with the Rebel 3 Kit as well, as the unit contains built-in protection against overuse, overloading, and battery issues. However, it’s worth noting the design of this device is almost exactly like the Wismec Venti, which appears to be reaching the end of its distribution line. Nonetheless, it’s hard to give full credit for such an obvious clone design.


Vapor Quality

Vapor is smooth and thick from the Rebel 3, as the adjustable airpath creates a draw tight enough one can even do mouth-to-lung vaping. The two air intake holes should allow for a decent amount of juice flow from the atomizer and tank to the mouthpiece.

Because of how relatively small these air intake holes are, this draw may still be too tight for some vapers, as some people have complained about how the juice holes are too small to really get super-heavy clouds. However, this is a sub-ohm e-juice vaporizer, meaning you’ll still be able to get a decent amount of flavor and clouds.


VaporFi Rebel 3 Top & Side View



As the Rebel 3 is intended as a kit for beginners, this may not offer much to anyone beyond neophytes for customizing. The one-button operation is simple enough for any vaper to get their hands and head around, but versatility is limited in how there still isn’t any temperature control with the Rebel 3. As well, customization is stunted by the lack of variable voltage/wattage settings.

The juice holes in the atomizer are a bit smaller than some vapers may prefer, but you can also replace the drip tip with a piece which has more airflow potential. Aside from this though, overall we would not consider this a particularly versatile vape.



Between the huge tank and battery, the Rebel 3 should be pretty satisfying for most users’ portability. You’ll still have to charge the battery for approximately 1 hour before using, but once charged, the 3000mAh battery should last you well through the day. The Rebel 3 allows for pass-through charging as well, so you can still use it even while you charge the battery. The kit comes with an additional atomizer as well, in case you run into any difficulty with the one already installed.

Keep in mind there may be some difficulty filling the tank; VaporFi recommends putting 3-5 drops of e-juice in the atomizer holes to get it started before taking it out and about and ending up with dry hits. The Rebek 3 uses a bottom-fill tank, so you’ll have to fill up the tank from the sides and make sure none of it actually gets in the atomizer itself, otherwise it will begin running out of the drip-tip. Also, if you plan to do any stealth vaping, you will have to cover up the indicator light if you want to get away scot-free.


The Rebel 3 Starter Kit by VaporFi is a reasonable choice in most respects for this sort of beginners’ e-juice machine. The vapor quality is decent, it’s easy to use, and it’s set at a good retail price (approximately $69.95 USD). However, it’s hard to give a high rating to such limited units, especially when they’ve been knocked off previously established designs. Best to stick with acclaimed starter kits like the aforementioned Innokin Coolfire IV which allows for much more customization, or the V2 Pro Series 3 for more versatility.

How has the Rebel 3 Starter Kit helped your rebellion? Let us know in the comments below!


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