Yocan Torch Vaporizer Review - Carry the Flame (or Lack Thereof)
Build Quality75%
Vapor Quality70%
Look & Feel65%
63%Overall Score

For many people, dabbing is the nth level of vaporization. By combining the potency of herbal concentrates with the ease and effectiveness of herbal vaporization, fans of herbal treatments are getting lots of mileage out of devices like the Dr. Dabber Boost and the Source Nail. Similar to these, the Yocan Torch is a rig attachment mod portable  e-nail designed to take the “danger” out of dabbing. Basically, you drop this guy into your downstem and it does all the vaporization work for you. We’ve been showcasing Yocan products lately and have been excited to provide our report on this device to you, so without further ado, the Torch leads the way!

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Product Pros

  • Unique build and design
  • Convenient way to dab
  • Big vapor production

Product Cons

  • Requires a separate rig for operation
  • No temperature flexibility


Yocan Torch Vaporizer Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

The Torch is a solidly-built piece, with most elements either being made from glass or stainless steel. The basic Torch kit comes with two quartz dual coils, it is designed work with male and female downstems at 14mm and 18mm diameter, and the pieces fit together securely and come apart with ease.

There’s a few other cool additions here: there is an airflow button which can be pushed to replace the vapor with air to get a smoother, fuller hit, as well as the choice of using either with the glass cover either carb cap top (to regulate airflow).


Vapor Quality

Vapor production is fairly bountiful when using the Torch. Temperature generally ranges from 250°C to 280°C (482°F – 536°F), making for a fair amount of cloudiness without being super harsh on the throat. Vapor is relatively smooth on the throat, as this lends itself to use with water pipes, bongs, and other vapor coolers like the Zeus Iceborn.

The battery supports 15 seconds of continuous heat for each puff, resulting in approximately 60 puffs per charge; you can also pause the 15 seconds of heating depending on what temperature you need.

Yocan Torch Heating Chamber and Coils

Look and Feel

The forked-type design of the Torch will definitely stand out to consumers, and it is available in both black and silver. It fits pretty snug on to attachments, but with certain device imbalances, you may need to hold tight to the rig to keep it all together. It’s kind of a weird device to handle, but with a bit of care, it should feel right at home with your joints.

There are two caps to the nail; the glass cap will allow you to see the vapor being created, and the solid one will provide airflow help. Both of them help to make the Torch look and feel like a strong, stable device.

ke the  Discreetness


E-nails do not lend themselves to discreetness; they’re large, cumbersome, usually involve glass pieces (like this one), and will look like a big Frankenbong when in use.

However, as far as e-nails go, it’s one of the smaller devices available, and at least the pieces can be easily taken apart and stored away fairly inconspicuously.


Ease of Use

The Torch is fairly simple to use if you have some experience with dab rigs and their attachments. The adapter will fit to any 14mm/18mm downstem, and from there it’s just a load, a click, and a draw. The power button is located on top of the battery; when you press this, the 15-second heating cycle will begin. If using the transparent cap, you’ll be able to see the cloud building under the glass cap almost immediately upon heating. There are a lot of pieces to the Torch, but they come apart and are put together fairly easily and securely.

Make sure to exercise caution when setting up the Torch; if you put too much material in, it will leak out where the air is supposed to come out, so make sure to use a relatively conservative material. Breathing in too quick while the device heats up will also leave you with some unexpected material in the mouth.



The Torch is fairly portable in how it has a small size which can be carried around fairly easily, but we wouldn’t recommend this; concentrate material runs the risk of, uh, running down the bottom of the device and causing a leak.

On the battery front, one charge should get about 2 days worth of dabbing with a fair amount of use, and it takes around two hours and fifteen minutes to charge. Of course, you won’t be able to use it unless you have a dab rig with you, so either way portability is not quite of the essence of the Torch.


Like the Dabado Bolt M Kit, the Yocan Torch should provide a fair amount of firepower to the average vaporizer user. You can get big dabs which won’t get super hot and can also get a fair amount of cloudiness. It comes with a set of two dual coils, so you can still be using the Torch while your main coil is being cleaned, or you can keep it separate with other material. There is also a separate pancake dual coil available to use with dry herbs. One of the issues is how the Torch is a fairly niche item; we’re not sure who exactly the ideal user for this type of device, as it’s not quite portable enough to easily take on the go. The SRP is approximately $79.95, making it a good value investment as most e-nail devices tend to cost a lot more. Of course, with something like the Dr. Dabber Boost or the Source Nail, you’ll get a complete kit to with a tried-and-true dab rig experience.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the Yocan Torch, so feel free to leave us a comment below!

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