ZEUS Bolt Grinder Review
Build Quality90%
Grind Ease80%
Look and Feel80%
85%Overall Score

Welcome to the ZEUS Bolt Grinder Review, fellow enthusiasts! Today we’ll be looking at a 4 piece grinder from ZEUS Arsenal, the makers of a whole host of vaporizers and other accessories to suit your needs. From a quick first glance, it looks like this grinder is going to perform quite well seeing as it seems to conform to just about every details we outlined in our post on what makes a good herb grinder, so let’s get into the ZEUS Bolt Grinder Review to see what this thing can do!

Product Pros

  1. Durable build materials
  2. Well machined
  3. Diamond teeth
  4. Good size holes in 2nd piece
  5. Good size chamber for herb
  6. Screen for smaller particles to fall through

Product Cons

  1. Can’t grind a lot at once
  2. Not always the easiest to turn


ZEUS Bolt Grinder Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

This grinder is really solidly built. It’s made of aircraft-grade aluminum, which not only make the grinder really durable, but also pretty light despite its size. The teeth a nice and sharp diamond teeth and the holes are all cleanly drilled into the bottom of the second chamber and are a good size for just about all purposes. The screen is in the 3rd piece of the grinder and allows enough room for a pretty decent amount of herb to fall through and rest there without being ground up too much. The bottom chamber is small enough that it doesn’t add an overwhelming amount of size to the grinder while also managing to have a nice size for dust collection. The grinder also comes with a little plastic scraper to get all the dust off the bottom which makes life a lot easier when you’re cleaning the grinder out.

Grind Ease

Grind Ease

The diamond teeth inside the first 2 parts of the grinder are really sharp and make pretty quick work of the herb you put inside it. This means you won’t find as much resistance against your herb when you’re grinding. The top and second piece also are well machined so that there is no friction between the two and the grinder spins pretty easily. The the hardest part will be pressing the grinder closed after loading it up with your herb, and once you get close enough for the magnets to be attracted to each other, you won’t need to worry about holding it close as the magnet is pretty strong and holds the top on nicely as you spin.

ZEUS Bolt Grinder Review - Close Up Of Teeth Inside The Grinder


Look and Feel

The Bolt grinder looks really cool. The all black design makes the grinder look really sleek and stylish and the ZEUS logo on the top also is a nice touch. The grinder also comes in a cool hard case that’s smell proof and might also be water tight as far as we can see. The use of aircraft-grade aluminum makes this grinder feel just heavy enough to feel like a high quality grinder without making it brick-like in your hand. The aluminum also makes it feel really durable and strong which inspires confidence in the product. You get the feeling that this grinder will last you a good long time if you take good care of it.



The Bolt delivers great consistency in the grind due partly to the fact that the diamond teeth slice up the herb you put in quite nicely and are very evenly spaced so that all herb is evenly cut. The second thing that helps to make for a really good consistency in the grind are the holes in the bottom of the second part of the grinder. They’re placed all over the grinder and let herb that’s been ground to the proper consistency fall through to escape getting another turn with the diamond teeth. This means the 3rd section of your grinder will be filled with evenly ground herb that will be perfect for rolling or vaporizing.


To the people out there who might gripe about the price tag associated with this grinder, we say that you have to pay for quality. If you want good quality materials that will not only make for a good experience with each use but also last you a long time, you’re going to need to put some money down to see that happen. This grinder is a good example of the money you pay going to the right place to make a quality product. The teeth are on point, the material for the grinder is solid and reliable and the grinder itself looks really nice. If your grinder has all that and provides long lasting, reliable and consistently good results, what more could you ask for? This is worth the cash without a doubt, so if you need a new grinder, go find yourself a Bolt. It will be a valuable companion for years to come!

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