ZEUS Temple De-Humidor Review
Build Quality95%
Look and Feel85%
89%Overall Score

Welcome to the ZEUS Temple De-Humidor Review! Today we’ll be looking at a piece of storage from ZEUS Arsenal, the makers of the Bolt grinder, Thunder pen vaporizer, and Smite portable vaporizer among other things. This box is used to not only store your herb, but also dry it out further to get it ready for a primo vaporizing session. So how well does it work as a storage solution? Let’s get into the ZEUS Temple De-Humidor Review to find out!

Product Pros

  1. Well built
  2. Screen catches herb dust if any falls off
  3. Good build materials

Product Cons

  1. Doesn’t hold a massive amount




ZEUS Temple De-Humidor Review: Breakdown

Build Quality

Build Quality

The Temple is well made from sapele wood, which is pretty strong, durable, and smells pretty nice too. The outside is painted black and the paint job is very smooth and high quality. The lid for the top as well as the bottom portion of the Temple uses strong magnets to hold it close and also manages to close tight enough that no smell leaks out of the Temple! The screen inside the Temple feels high quality and does a good job letting the smaller particles fall to the bottom where they can be collected and used for something else.



Like we mentioned in the build quality section, the lid closes tightly enough that smell doesn’t leak out of the Temple. The outside is also pretty discreet in that it look professional enough to sit out and fit with nice furniture and doesn’t have any markings on it that might give the contents away.

ZEUS Temple De-Humidor Review -Temple Taken Apart

Look and Feel

The Temple looks like a really high quality box with the paint job, color scheme and the great build quality. The wood smells nice and adds to the quality feel of the box.



This is one area where you might be able to say that the Temple isn’t exactly the best. You can’t fit a massive amount in the temple at once, especially if you’re trying to fit it all on one layer on the screen. Despite that, it’s still enough space for the average enthusiast, so most won’t be left needing more space than what you’ve got in the Temple.


The long and the short of it is that this is a great storage box! It’s well made, high quality, looks really nice and is really discreet. You might not have a massive amount of space to store your herb, but it’s more than enough for most people so this is a worthwhile purchase for any enthusiast!

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