ZEUS Vortex Grinder Review
Build Quality90%
Grind Ease90%
Look and Feel80%
87%Overall Score

Welcome to the ZEUS Vortex Grinder Review, fellow enthusiasts! Today we’ll be looking at another 4 piece grinder from ZEUS Arsenal, much like the ZEUS Bolt grinder we’ve also reviewed. The difference between that 4 piece grinder and this one is that this particular grinder is a clear-top crank grinder! Will this make a significant difference in how this grinder performs? We won’t know until we take a closer look at it, so let’s get to the ZEUS Vortex Grinder Review to see what this grinder can do!

Product Pros

  1. Crank top makes grinding easy
  2. Clear top lets you see when all your herb has been ground
  3. Nice size chamber for herb to sit in after being ground
  4. Top screws on to sit there securely
  5. Sharp diamond teeth

Product Cons

  1. Too big to carry around


ZEUS Vortex Grinder Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

This grinder is really well built, firstly because of the materials used. The grinder is made of anodized aircraft-grade aluminum, which not only makes the grinder really strong, but also keeps the grinder from being too heavy. The grinder’s pieces are all well machined and the threading makes unscrewing or screwing the pieces together really easy. The pieces also all fit together really nicely which is easy to see when all the pieces are screwed together. The crank turns really smoothly and feel really sturdy and durable, not that you’ll need much torque to grind up your herb with this grinder. They’ve also chosen to use nice and sharp diamond teeth which are made of the same material as the rest of the grinder.

Grind Ease

Grind Ease

The diamond teeth used inside this grinder are the first reason grinding with this is so easy. They’re very sharp and do a great job of slicing through the herb that you put inside this grinder. As you grind, the herb that’s been ground up enough slips through the holes in the bottom of the second piece and move out of the way for the bigger pieces that actually need to be ground up more. The result is that turning the blades is a much easier task, as you grind more and more. Starting off is also quite easy because the crank gives you a lot of leverage over the herb that’s in the grinder. As a result, you’ll find that  grinding with this grinder is nothing but easy from beginning to end!

ZEUS Vortex Grinder Review - Grinder Taken Apart


Look and Feel

This grinder looks pretty minimal at first glance, but a closer look will reveal more flair than you’d expect from this grinder. The top of the grinder has a clear window that leads into the area where your herb is ground by the blades so you can watch your herb as it’s shredded until it’s all safe in the 3rd piece of the grinder. The window also has a little ZEUS logo on it which looks cool and isn’t too “in-your-face” with the brand. For those of you out there who want more of that ZEUS goodness on your grinder, there’s also a much bigger logo on the bottom which looks really cool while still being in a place where you don’t need to see it if you don’t want to. The grinder feels light in your hand, but at the same time still feels like a really high quality grinder because of the metal used to make the grinder.



The consistency of the grind with this grinder is really great because of the holes used to let the herb fall through. The herb that they let through is all the same size, so you end up with a very evenly ground end result for your efforts. The teeth being as sharp as they are also helps with making sure all the herb is properly ground, but the spacing of the teeth is also very strategically done to keep it from making the herb too small right off the bat. This leads to a really nice consistency which makes the most of your herb when you use it for your session!


The Vortex grinder is a really great quality grinder. The aluminum makes it really durable and reliable, ZEUS Arsenal decided to make it a 4 piece grinder with diamond teeth and it even has a crank top to make grinding even more easy. It meets all the criteria we set out in our post on what makes a good herb grinder and does a little more to make the experience all the better. If you find that grinding up your herb is a chore that takes more time and energy than you’d like, check out this grinder. You’ll be hard pressed to find a grinder that will last as long and still makes grinding this much easier and more fun!

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