Linx Hermes 2 Review

Linx Hermes 2 Review – Vaping Messenger

Linx is a company known for making vaporizers specially made for dry herbs, wax and concentrates. Now, they released a new vaporizer called the Hermes 2 which is made for the use of e liquids and oils. The...
Source Orb 4 Premium Review

Source Orb 4 Premium Kit – Reaching ORBit

Welcome to our review of the SOURCE Orb 4 Premium Kit by SOURCEvapes! Building off the success of the Source Orb 3, this is a pen-style concentrate vaporizer that offers some of the best atomizer variety...

Joyetech EGO AIO Review – EGO Check

Welcome to our review of the Joyetech EGO AIO. You will recognize the EGO name from Joyetech's popular starter unit the Joyetech EGO One. The AIO in its name stands for all-in-one, and it's easy to see where...
iStick Pico Review

iStick Pico Review – iStickin’ Around

For those of you who thought that vapes couldn’t possible get any smaller, hold onto your seats because today we’ll be reviewing the iStick Pico by eLeaf. You’re probably wondering just how small the...
Dr Dabber Boost Review

Dr. Dabber Boost – No Torch, No Problem.

Today we’ll be reviewing the Boost, an “eRig” offered by Dr. Dabber. If you’re a fan of concentrates, or are even just interested in them, then you’ll likely find the Boost intriguing. Immediately...