Eleaf iCard Review

Eleaf iCard Review – Is this your iCard?

Eleaf has just released their new all in one device called the iCard. The Eleaf iCard is an ultra thin and portable all in one vaporizer that features a simplistic design and very easy to use which is catered...
KangerTech UBOAT Review

KangerTech UBOAT Review – Submarine Vaping

The KangerTech UBOAT is a simple vaporizer just like most pod style vaporizers. It has no buttons and no display screen. It has no fire button too, you just have to take a puff and it will automatically...
Vaporesso Orca Solo Review

Vaporesso Orca Solo Review

Vaporesso is back with another starter kit and this time, it is in the form of a vape pen. The Vaporesso Orca Solo is a very simple all in one device made for the vaping newbies who are looking for an...
Linx Hermes 2 Review

Linx Hermes 2 Review – Vaping Messenger

Linx is a company known for making vaporizers specially made for dry herbs, wax and concentrates. Now, they released a new vaporizer called the Hermes 2 which is made for the use of e liquids and oils. The...
Joyetech Espion Solo Review

Joyetech Espion Solo Review – Vaping Solo

The Joyetech Espion Solo is a not just a simple mod with 80 watts of maximum power, it is a beautifully crafted mod with lots of features that just shows how Joyetech stayed in the game for so long, by making...
Vaporesso Nexus Review

Vaporesso Nexus Review – Enter the Nexus

Vaporesso is known for making innovative vaping products that offer a multitude of features that most people never even use. This is the most common factor why some get intimidated with vaping.  Vaporesso is...
Smok V Fin Review

Smok V Fin Kit Review – V is for Vape

The V Fin mod has a built-in battery with a capacity of 8000 mah. Yes, you heard that right, 8000 mah battery! The big battery capacity of the V Fin will guarantee that your mod’s power will last a full day...
KandyPens Feather Review

KandyPens Feather Review – Ruffled Feathers

The hype for pod style vaporizers is real! More and more pod style vaporizers are being made by some big vape brands and other companies who are not into any e-liquid vaporizers like KandyPens. KandyPens is...
Yocan Stix Review

Yocan Stix Review – Come Sail Away

Yocan has released a new vaporizer called the Yocan Stix which features a super compact and portable design with an independent tank which is a fairly new innovation when it comes to vape pens. It also has a...