Yocan Loaded Review

Yocan Loaded Review – Fully Loaded

The Loaded is the newest vape pen from manufacturing genius Yocan. They have updated and reinvented their previous concentrate vaporizers to create a portable, discreet, and inexpensive must-have product. But...
Wellon Ripple Review

Wellon Ripple Review – Ripple on the Pond

The Wellon Ripple is considered as a pod style vaporizer but it is more like an all-in-one device. Most pod style devices are thin and super compact that you won’t even notice them in your pocket but the...
Vladdin Pod Review

Vladdin Pod Vape Review – Vlad the Vaper

Every time a new pod style vaporizer comes out, people tend to compare it to the JUUL and we can’t blame them as the JUUL was the first to release a fresh and innovative pod style device that works really...
Vaporesso Zero Review

Vaporesso Zero Review – Zero to Hero

Gone are the days when pod style devices only have a single feature as the Vaporesso Zero have multiple features that you can only see on the more advanced devices and it claims to be the perfect pod style...
Yocan Stealth Review

Yocan Stealth Review – Stealth Bomber

The Stealth is a 2-in-1 vaporizer pen by manufacturer Yocan. Named for its portability and discreetness, this unit features a switchblade design to make its use even sneakier! Yocan is well known in the...
Espion Silk Review

Joyetech ESPION Silk Review – Smooth as Silk

The ESPION Silk’s design is so much different from the previous ESPION mods and it makes me wonder if they did a mistake in naming it an ESPION. The unique aspect design of the ESPION Silk is very visible...