iStick Pico Resin Review

Eleaf iStick Pico Resin Review – Another Pico?

Eleaf is back with a new iStick Pico Resin and it has a new design. The new iStick Pico Resin is basically the same iStick Pico Resin from last year but has a new resin design and is now paired with the Eleaf...
Eleaf Lexicon Review

Eleaf Lexicon Review – Vaping Language

Just like in the tech world or specifically, the PC world, RGB LEDs are now the norm on all the components and they are not just a niche or unique design. Some companies are still testing the waters but Eleaf...
Smok X Priv Review

Smok X Priv Kit Review – The Future of Vaping?

Vape companies all over the world are always trying to outdo each other with their mods’ design and functionality. Some boast their mod’s output power, some with their ergonomic design and simplicity. But...