When you’re talking about the best vapor possible from portables, two options that are bound to come up are the Arizer Solo 2 and the Mighty by Storz and Bickel. The Mighty has been on the market for a long time and is generally considered to be about as good as it gets. The Solo 2 is new and hoping to pick up on the original Solo’s popularity.

Today we’re going to compare their vapor quality, build quality, portability, and discreetness to see which one is best.

Can the new challenger take down the accomplished veteran?


Vapor Quality

Arizer Solo 2

If you are familiar with the high vapor quality of the original Solo, you’ll be happy to know that the Arizer Solo 2 is even better. The vapor pathway is still just the stainless steel heating chamber and the glass stem, so the flavor is still excellent. The precision temperature control gives you a bit more flexibility over vapor production though.

The biggest improvement to the vapor comes from the fact that the airflow is opened up a bit so it isn’t as restricted. In my opinion, this small change has made taking draws from the Solo 2 much more satisfying.


As good as the Solo 2 is, the Mighty is still better. You’d think that the flavor would be better from the Solo 2 and it’s glass stem, but the wizards over at Storz and Bickel manage to create superb vapor even though the vapor pathway is mostly plastic. This is most likely because t he Mighty employs convection heating, cooking the herbs with hot air, while the Solo 2 still features more conduction.

The vapor density is very good from the Mighty as well. Like the Solo 2, you get precise temperature control to dial in your experience to the perfect blend of flavor and density. Both of these units perform admirably, but the Mighty’s unparalleled flavor and vapor output earns it the win.


Vapor Quality Winner: Mighty


Build Quality

Arizer Solo 2

The Solo 2 is a very well made vaporizer. It features all the things that people love about the original Solo, along with a bunch of upgrades. There are two upgrades in particular that stand out.

The first is the precision temperature control. This is a feature that is becoming standard in high end devices, so it’s nice that Arizer included it in the Solo 2. The second is the battery. While the Solo had a good battery in its own right, the Solo 2 has been upgraded to feature a battery that can last up to 3 hours.

While it hasn’t been out long enough to comment on how long you can expect it to last, my guess is that it will be just as durable as the original.


You won’t find many portables with a higher build quality than the Mighty. Actually, you may not find any. If you read a lot of reviews, you’re probably sick of hearing about how great Storz and Bickel is at making vaporizers. But it’s true.

There’s only one area where the Solo 2 outshines the Mighty, and that’s battery life. The main reason that the Mighty is so big is the dual battery setup, but it still only manages 1.5 hours of life after a full charge.

However on the flip side, the Solo 2 features fragile glass parts that will break over the lifespan of your Solo 2 and need replacing. If you owned an original Solo, you will know the hardship of breaking  the glass tubes.

With either of these units, you’re getting a vaporizer that is build better than most other options.


Build Quality Winner: Mighty



Arizer Solo 2

The Solo 2 isn’t a very good option for carrying around with you all the time. The overall size and shape means it isn’t comfortable in your pocket, and you also have to carry the glass stem around separately. Leaving it attached is just begging to have it snap off when it bumps something.

If you are just looking for a portable for using around the house or taking to places where you won’t have to carry it much, these really wouldn’t be problems at all. There’s also an included carrying case that you can put everything in when you do need to transport it, but I don’t see it being all that reliable and would recommend checking out the Zeus Armor, as a more worthy case.


The Mighty is also a bit big to be considered a convenient portable. While there aren’t separate parts to worry about like with the Solo 2 and it’s glass stem, it still isn’t a great option if you are looking for a vaporizer to carry around with you all the time.

Like the Solo 2, the best use for the Mighty seems to be around the house and taking it to destinations where you won’t actually have to carry it all the time. I wouldn’t call either of these more portable than the other.


Portability Winner: Draw



Arizer Solo 2

The glass stems of the Solo and Solo 2 are what really hurt their overall discretion. While the Solo 2 includes an option that is slightly shorter, the combined height of the base and stem is still too long to hide easily.

Combined with the fact that it can’t be easily stored in your pocket, and you’ve got a vaporizer that isn’t very discreet.


What the Mighty lacks in exposed glass it makes up in overall size and visually distinctive design. Keeping this fully concealed would not be an easy task, which is the opposite of being discreet.

If discretion was the number one feature I was looking for in a vape, I probably wouldn’t get either of these.


Discreetness Winner: Draw


Winner: Mighty

While the Solo 2 is a top-tier vaporizer, the Mighty is able to deliver better flavor, vapor output and has a slightly better build quality due to the lack of fragile glass.

With that being said, you are talking about the absolute top tier of vaporizers with either of these units. There is a price difference of about $100 to consider, which may make the Arizer the better option for you.

If you are just looking for a top-tier vaporizer in terms of vapor and build quality, get the Solo 2. If you want the actual best, then you’ll have to shell out the dough to get the Mighty.

The strengths of these units comes at a cost. If you care more about portability and discretion than vapor and build quality, you can get something smaller for a lot cheaper.

With that being said, both of these units would be excellent choices if you are in the market for a new vaporizer. If you are thinking of picking up a Solo 2 or the Mighty, we recommend grabbing them from Vaporizera, they have no tax and free shipping on orders over $100.

Also be sure to check out how these units stack up against the field with our Portable Vaporizer Ranking.

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