The long-awaited Solo 2 has finally been released, and we can’t think of any better way to welcome it than to immediately compare it to the original Solo. The Solo 2 has a lot to live up to, after all. Considering the popularity of the original and the already excellent vapor quality, Arizer had their work cut out for them when they were designing an updated version. Today we’re going to take a look at the most important differences and give you an idea of which one is the better vaporizer for the money…


Vapor Quality

Arizer Solo

The Arizer Solo has been a fan favorite portable for years thanks to the excellent vapor it delivers. The flavor is top notch, and it’s capable of creating some pretty dense vapor as well. The one downside is the draw is a little too restricted, but there are simple mods that can improve this.

The good flavor is largely thanks to even heating and a vapor pathway made out of good materials that won’t affect the flavor at all. The base of the chamber is stainless steel, while the inserted stem is completely glass.

Arizer Solo 2

The vapor created from the Arizer Solo 2 is very similar to the original Solo’s for the most part. That’s a good thing. There’s no sense trying to fix something that isn’t broken. The flavor is still excellent, and the vapor pathway is comprised of the same flavor-neutral materials.

Where the Solo 2 distinguishes itself is improved airflow and precision temperature control to the exact degree. The improved airflow leads to more satisfying draws, and the temperature control gives you additional flexibility in adjusting the vapor production.


Vapor Quality Winner: Solo 2


Build Quality

Arizer Solo

One of the most impressive things about the Solo is how long they last. The manufacturing is extremely well done, leading to a very durable device.

Speaking from experience, they are capable of taking quite a few drops that other vaporizers may not live through. The glass stems need to be replaced from time to time, but it’s pretty rare for people to have to get a new base.

As far as specific features, the Solo has a battery that lasts about an hour and a half on a single charge. You don’t get specific temperature control, but you do get to choose between 7 presets.

The design is screenless and features just 2 buttons. It is very easy to use.

Arizer Solo 2

The Solo 2 is brand new, and I obviously haven’t had the opportunity to put it through the same rigors as the original. With that being said, the overall construction quality seems to be the same. I see no reason to think that it won’t be just as durable as the original.

It also got several important spec boosts. For starters, the battery life is now up to 3 hours. I don’t have a list handy, but I’d guess that puts it near the top of all options on the market in that department.

I already mentioned the improved airflow, plus it now has a digital screen that you can use to change the temperature in one degree increments. In my opinion, Arizer kept all the best parts of the Solo and managed to make it even better.


Build Quality Winner: Solo 2



Arizer Solo

The design of the Solo doesn’t lend itself to being carried around easily. I’ve done it a lot anyway, usually with the help of a carrying case, but it can’t compare to smaller units that were literally designed with portability as the priority.

The big problem is the glass stem. If you carry the Solo around a lot, it’s only a matter of time before a stem breaks on accident. This is why it’s a good idea to just buy extra from the beginning if you plan on getting the solo.

The lack of portability never bothered me much because the Solo delivers much better vapor than most smaller units.

Arizer Solo 2

Along with all the good qualities, the Solo 2 seems to inherited the lack of portability as well. Again, I’m not really complaining. I like the Solo’s design, including the glass stem.

The glass stem is a big part of what makes the vapor so smooth, but it’s also the biggest burden as far as carrying it around goes.

On the plus side, the Solo 2 includes shorter stems (though not by much) and the design is also a little more convenient to carry (also not by much). It also has a 3 hour battery, and it includes a carrying case when you buy it.


Portability Winner: Solo 2



Arizer Solo

If you hold the Solo in your hand, the base itself will extend beyond what you are able to fully conceal. The glass stem is completely exposed.

So as far as using the Solo in public goes, you’ll need to find a way to keep yourself hidden if you don’t want people to know what you are doing.

As many Solo fans will tell you, the fact that the stem can be disguised as a straw gives you some options.

Arizer Solo 2

The Solo 2 is in the exact same boat as the original Solo in this regard. While the Solo 2 is a little bit thinner, the height is exactly the same.

There are the shorter stems to consider, but these don’t change things much, and you can get them for the original as well. As far as disguising it goes, the same methods would work for either.


Discreetness Winner: Draw


Winner: Arizer Solo 2

As hard as this may be to believe for fans of the original Solo, the Solo 2 is the much better vaporizer.

Everything that people love about the Solo is included in the updated version, but you also get an improved battery, better airflow, and a digital screen that gives you the ability to adjust the temperature in one degree increments.

The Solo is still an incredible vaporizer. I have no problem recommending either of these, especially given the cost difference.

If you don’t have the money for the Solo 2, the Solo is a great value for its price. If you have the money and appreciate longer battery life and more flexibility, get the new one.

Compared to all the manufacturers that churn out new versions every year, Arizer waited a very long time before putting the Solo 2 on the market. It was worth the wait.

With that being said, both of these units would be excellent choices if you are in the market for a new vaporizer. If you are thinking of picking up a Solo 2 or the Solo, we recommend grabbing them from, they have no tax and free shipping on orders over $100.

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