The Crafty is known for excellent vapor production, but it comes with a high price tag. The Boundless CF looks similar to the Crafty, but comes at a much more attractive price. It’s not surprising that so many people want to know how these compare, and today we’re going to throw our opinion on the matter into the ring for you to consider.

Without further delay, let’s figure out if the Boundless CF is a poor man’s Crafty or a legitimate competitor.


Vapor Quality


The Crafty produces some of the best vapor you’ll find in any portable vaporizer. This is surprising for a lot of people who assume the plastic will affect the vapor, but once you try the Crafty you’ll be amazed by the flavor and smoothness.

This is especially noticeable at higher temperatures, where many units start to deliver harsher hits. As far as vapor quality goes, the Crafty is in the absolute top tier.

Boundless CF

The Boundless CF delivers good vapor. At lower temperatures, the flavor can even be comparable to the Crafty.

The difference between these two in terms of vapor production becomes very pronounced as you increase the temperature though.

The higher you go, the more muddled the flavor gets. The vapor is still enjoyable, it just can’t compare to the Crafty.


Vapor Quality Winner: Crafty


Build Quality


Again, you may be tempted to discount the Crafty because of the amount of plastic used in its construction. Don’t be so fast! The Crafty is made by Storz and Bickel and features some of the best engineering you’ll find in a vaporizer.

The unit is designed to offer exceptional vapor in a durable and easy to use package, and to this extent, the Crafty is a huge success. The Crafty can also be paired with an app to unlock full temperature control by setting the two levels the device operates at.

The one thing that could have been significantly improved is the battery life. The battery is internal and only lasts for about 45 minutes on a full charge, which is below average compared to portable vaporizes as a whole.

Boundless CF

The Boundless CF is also mostly made of plastic, though it doesn’t come across as being as well made as the Crafty. They’re incredibly similar visually after a quick glance, but closer inspection shows that the Crafty is more polished.

One of the biggest differences is the fact that the Boundless CF only offers 5 preset temperature settings that can’t be changed. The battery life is a little better though, so you should get a little over an hour of continuous use with each charge.


Build Quality Winner: Crafty




Portability for the Crafty is good. The size is small and the shape makes it easy enough to carry in your pocket. The one downside is the short battery life that I mentioned earlier.

You can easily chew through it after just a few sessions, which means you can’t go that long without needing to charge it. This wouldn’t be a great choice for extended trips away from power.

Boundless CF

As far as size and shape go, these two vaporizers are extremely similar. Neither one has an advantage over the other.

The Boundless CF does earn a small bonus for portability because of the extended battery life. It’s still not great, but it’s better than the Crafty’s.


Portability Winner: Crafty




If you’re worried about attracting attention, the Crafty is a good choice. The all black design isn’t flashy at all, and the overall size and shape make it easy to conceal.

There are certainly smaller units out there, but the Crafty offers a great blend of overall vapor quality while still staying small enough to be discreet.

Boundless CF

Like I’ve already said, the Crafty and the Boundless CF are pretty similar in shape and size. The Crafty has the gap in the middle for cooling purposes, but that doesn’t affect discretion at all.

There really isn’t anything about either of these that makes one more discreet than the other.


Discreetness Winner: Draw


Winner: Crafty

This should come as no surprise: the Crafty is the better vaporizer!

The Crafty has a higher build quality and delivers significantly better vapor, especially at higher temperatures. The only thing that kept this from being a complete rout is the fact that the Crafty’s battery leaves a little to be desired.

Here’s the thing though. The Boundless CF costs about $150 less than the Crafty. That’s a pretty big difference. If you have the money, definitely go with the Crafty and it’s better vapor. If you don’t, the Boundless CF isn’t a bad choice. There are many financially challenged vape connoisseurs that use the CF regularly and love it.

Our verdict is that calling the Boundless CF a poor man’s Crafty seems to be spot on. These aren’t true competitors. The Crafty is a significantly better vaporizer. But not everyone can afford it, and the Boundless CF offers a good experience for the money.

With that being said, both of these units would be excellent choices if you are in the market for a new vaporizer. If you are thinking of picking up a Crafty or the Boundless CF, we recommend grabbing them from Vaporizera, they have no tax and free shipping on orders over $100.


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