Today we’ve got a head to head matchup between the DaVinci IQ and the Crafty by Storz and Bickel. The IQ is part of the newest generation of vaporizers and packs a ton of innovative features, while the Crafty has been on the market for several years without much in the way of upgrades. Aside from being considered top-tier vaporizers, these are about as different as you can be. The IQ is fully conduction, and the Crafty is either fully convection or extremely close to it. Deciding between the two can be tough, so our goal is to find out which is the better buy, the new challenger or the established veteran…


Vapor Quality

Crafty with cooling chamber off

DaVinci IQ

I’m very impressed by the DaVinci IQ’s vapor. When DaVinci first announced that it would offer fully conduction heating, I incorrectly assumed that the vapor wouldn’t be very good. As it turns out, the vapor is dense and flavorful, and it goes down smooth.

There are a couple things that help the IQ deliver such good vapor. The first is the ceramic zirconia vapor pathway, which ensures the flavor remains as pure as it is when it is first released from your herb. The second is that the IQ is very good at heating. You can choose between pre programmed modes designed to achieve specific types of vapor, or simply adjust the device in one degree increments.

If you want to get the best vapor possible from the IQ, you’ll need to stir it frequently so that your herbs are heated evenly. This isn’t a big deal because there is a stirring tool stored within the device.


While the IQ proves that conduction heating can still deliver great flavor, the Crafty is proof that convection heating is still better in this department. The difference may not seem like much to most people, but it’s definitely there. The Crafty’s vapor is more flavorful and smoother than the IQ’s.

In fact, you won’t really find a vaporizer that delivers better flavor than the Crafty. It’s sitting at the top of the totem pole along with the Mighty and the FF2, thought the Crafty and Mighty are more enjoyable than the Firefly 2.

With all that being said, the IQ is capable of delivering thicker vapor, especially at higher temperatures. If you want something that will hit a bit harder and you don’t care as much about the subtle flavor differences, you may actually like the IQ more.




Vapor Quality Winner: Crafty


Build Quality

Crafty Cooling Chamber Disassembled

DaVinci IQ

DaVinci did a really good job building the IQ. It’s small and features good materials in its construction, but my favorite aspect is definitely the huge range of heating styles. The coolest are probably the Smart Paths, which automatically increase the temperature as your session goes on to make sure your herb is fully extracted by the end. These modes are accessed via a bluetooth app, but you can still adjust the temperature in one degree increments from the device itself.

The IQ’s battery is a removable 18650. Each one can last up to 1 hour on a full charge, and you can also get extras to extend your battery life. Problems with the included battery and charger are more frequent than ideal based on user reports, but DaVinci seems committed to fixing this.


The Crafty is a well built vaporizer, with one significant flaw. On the positive side, the design is excellent and allows it to deliver outstanding vapor. I really like the way the heating is setup, because the Crafty offers great flexibility in an extremely easy to use package.

The base unit is programmed with just two temperature levels, the normal level and the boost temperature. This allows you to vape at one temperature then bump it up towards the end of your session for maximum extraction. While having just two temperature settings may seem restrictive, the Crafty has its own app as well and it lets you set both temperatures to any level you’d like. This is a very simple and intuitive setup.

The big flaw I mentioned is the battery. It’s only capable of deliver about 45 minutes of continuous use right out of the box, and it’s not removeable so you can’t get extras. To make matters worse, the Crafty is also known for having failures related to the battery, requiring owners to send them in to get fixed.


Build Quality Winner: Draw



DaVinci IQ with Flavor Chamber Out

DaVinci IQ

The IQ easily beats the Crafty when it comes to portability. There are two things that I look at in terms of portability, size and battery life. A smaller size makes it convenient to carry, while a longer battery life allows you to go further with it and stay out longer. The IQ wins by a significant margin on both counts.

It’s much smaller than the Crafty, and it’s battery life is better. Like I mentioned before, you can even get extra 18650s for this to really extend your battery life if you use it frequently or are planning an extended trip away from a charging source.


Storz and Bickel advertise this as designed for portability, but that’s only really true when compared to the Mighty, which is much bigger than even this. While this is sturdy and can withstand being packed in a bag to be carried, it’s not comfortable to carry in your pocket.

The battery problems I discussed also severely limit the Crafty’s portability. Since you can only get 45 minutes of continuous use per charge, you’re only going to get a few sessions before it needs to be charged again.



Portability Winner: DaVinci IQ



DaVinci IQ with flat mouthpiece

DaVinci IQ

The IQ is small and features special stealth heating modes. Despite this, it’s also going to deliver bigger clouds and more odor than the Crafty.

This is a tradeoff you’ll have to consider, because which is better will really depend on how you plan on using it. For the most part, you shouldn’t have a problem staying discreet with the IQ.


The Crafty is bigger than the IQ, but its design isn’t very eye catching to begin with. It’s real strength as far as being discreet goes is that it is very easy to extract everything you want without producing any visible clouds at all.

The odor is also less. These are both discreet in different ways. Again, you’ll have to consider where and when you’ll be using your vaporizer to figure out which is better for you.



Discreetness Winner: Draw


Crafty with mouthpiece swivled out Winner: Crafty

This was very close, but I’m going to give the win to the Crafty.

If it weren’t for the battery issues that the Crafty has, it would have been a much easier win. The convection based vapor is extremely enjoyable and the flavor and cloud production is pretty much unbeatable.

The DaVinci IQ put in an impressive showing though. The vapor quality is better than the majority of conduction vaporizers, it just isn’t quite on the level that the Crafty is. I wouldn’t let that discourage you from getting it though, because it really is very enjoyable. It’s also significantly more portable and has a slightly better battery life.

At the end of the day, I think that either of these vaporizers are good purchases depending on what you plan to use it for. The Crafty is better overall, but I’d avoid it and get the IQ if you want something portable with a good battery.

If you are thinking of picking up a Crafty or the DaVinci IQ, we recommend grabbing them from, they have no tax and free shipping on orders over $100.

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