If you’re looking for a way to do dabs with controlled temperature, an e-nail is the way to go. But there are many different options to choose between, and they all seem to have different features and capabilities. Today we’ll take a look at two of the best on the market, the FocusVape Tourist and the Source Nail. These are both great e-nails, but they can both be used in other ways that may interest you as well. Read the full comparison to learn more…


Vapor Quality

Focusvape Tourist

The Focusvape Tourist has a big advantage over other e-nails, including the Source Nail, because it’s the only one that can also vaporizer dry herbs. This is made possible by a design that features swappable tops.

A lot of people see this and assume that one of these modes is a gimmick. My experience suggests that this is far from the truth.

The Tourist does a very good job producing vapor from both dry herbs and concentrates.

Each mode even has its own water filtration set up to make sure you are getting smooth, cool vapor. I am very impressed by how well the Tourist performs in each mode.

Source Nail

The Source Nail also produces very enjoyable vapor, but only from concentrates.

The overall vapor quality when doing dabs with this is very similar to the Tourist, but it does have the advantage of having multiple nails made out of different materials (ceramic, titanium, and quartz).

The Tourist only has one nail, made from titanium. Again, the performance difference is negligible.

The Nail can also be used with the majority of the atomizers offered by Source, along with a special top that turns it into a wax pen.

The atomizer variety is nice because it gives you the ability to adjust the vapor production to your specific preferences. Despite this, I’d say the Tourist winds thanks to it’s dry herb abilities.


Vapor Quality Winner: Tourist


Build Quality

Focusvape Tourist

The Tourist is built very well. The fact that it can deliver great vapor as an e-nail and as a portable dry herb vaporizer is a testament to this. Most vaporizers have a hard time just doing one of these things well.

The amazing thing is how easy it is to use despite the versatility. They managed to design this so that all you have to do is twist your desired top on and flip a switch. The switch can be set to either dry herb or wax mode, and each mode has separate temperature settings. By the way, you get full temperature control with this. The dry herb range is 176-464F, while the wax range is 464-842F.

The Tourist has a removable 18650 battery rated at 2500mAh. This will deliver 10 to 15 sessions for dry herb mode, and up to 25 with wax. This is great performance, and you can also get a second to extend it even further.

Source Nail

The Nail is built well, and you have to love the atomizer variety. Source is known for making great atomizers, and there are over 30 that are compatible with the Nail. You’ll be using the nails if you want to do dabs, but the atomizers are nice to have as backups if you want to use this as a wax pen. There are 3 atomizers included.

The Premium kit for the Nail only has three temperature settings, compared to the Tourist’s full temperature control. The Signature kit offers full temperature control, but it is powered by what is essentially a box mod. The battery in the Premium kit is only 900mAh, while the Signature kit has a removable 2100mAh 18650. Either way, the Tourist comes out on top in this regard as well.


Build Quality Winner: Tie



Focusvape Tourist

The Tourist can only handle waxes with the glass bubbler on top of the nail, so it isn’t very portable in that mode.

You can technically take it with you places, but you can’t use it on the go. On the bright side, it is pretty portable in dry herb mode. It’s sturdy and easy to carry, though you may find it a bit big to put in your pocket.

Source Nail

As I’ve mentioned before, the Nail can be used as a wax pen. You just use an atomizer instead of a nail, and put the glass globe on top instead of the bubbler.

I’d personally rather use a wax pen that didn’t have a glass globe if I were planning on carrying it around a lot, but this will get the job done. Ultimately, this category comes down to what you’d rather vape on the go, herb or wax.


Portability Winner: Tie



Focusvape Tourist

The Tourist isn’t discreet in wax mode because of the required use of the bubbler. There is no way to use that in public without attracting a lot of attention.

Fortunately, the herb mode can be used with a regular mouthpiece, making it much easier to fly under the radar. The full temperature control also allows you to keep the temperature nice and low, eliminating clouds and odor.

Source Nail

I don’t think either of the tops for the Nail are discreet. The bubbler obviously isn’t, but the other top is a “glass globe”. It has a curvy shape that is more eye catching than what I would consider a normal mouthpiece for a wax pen.

I’m guessing it’s there to help cool the vapor or deliver more of it at one time, but I’d rather have something that is more stealthy.



Discreetness Winner: Tourist


Winner: Focusvape Tourist

The FocusVape Tourist is the clear winner here.

The feature that powered the Tourist to the victory is the fact that it is both a dry herb and concentrate vaporizer, and it performs great in each mode at that.

When it comes to using these as nails, there are a few important differences. While you’ll get more nail options in terms of materials from the Nail, you get a wider temperature range with the Tourist. I think the temperature control is more valuable, although that is something you can get with the Nail if you opt for the Signature kit.

This is a situation where choosing one will come down to what you want out of your purchase. If you will use the dry herb mode, getting the Tourist is a no brainer. If you already have a herbal vaporizer, this may not have much value for you. On the other hand, the Nail may be the better bet if you want the ability to enjoy wax on the go.

As long as you know what you want, choosing between these two shouldn’t be very hard!

Also if you want to see how the Tourist stacks up against another E-Rig check out our Tourist vs Boost post!

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