Some vaporizers are built to be stealthy. Some are built to be extremely easy to use. Others are designed to look great in your hand. And there are those that are meant to do all three. The two wax pens we’ll be comparing in this post fall into that last category.

The Source Orb 4 Premium Kit and KandyPens Elite are both positioned as premium concentrate vaporizer options, but we’re about to find out which wins in a head to head matchup.


Vapor Quality

Source Orb 4

One of the main strengths of the Source Orb 4 is the fact that you can use it with 9 different atomizers, six of which are included in the box when you buy the kit. This is a huge variety compared to most concentrate vapes, which typically offer just 1 or 2 atomizer options. The variety offered by the Source Orb 4 allows you to dial the experience in to your exact preferences with ease.

The coilless options are great for flavor, while the dual coil ones are better for producing big clouds. The only power or temperature control you get with the Premium kit is the dial at the bottom of the unit, which has 8 voltage settings between 3.2v and 4.8v.

Kandypens Elite

The vapor produced by the Elite is good, on par with the rest of the KandyPens lineup. The Elite offers 4 temperature settings: 300F, 350F, 390F, and 430F. It’s nice that there are specific temperatures given, but the Elite still has less options than the Source Orb 4.

It also only works with 3 atomizers total, with 2 included in the box. You get one coilless and one dual quartz option, which means you do get some flexibility as far as pursuing flavor or clouds go.


Vapor Quality Winner: Source Orb 4


Build Quality

Source Orb 4

Overall, the build quality for the Source Orb is very high. It’s made from stainless steel and features a magnetic connection for the mouthpiece which is extremely convenient when refilling your atomizers atomizers. The voltage dial is a good way to keep the unit simple to use while still offering flexibility, and the atomizers are all very well built as well.

There’s also the fact that it looks and feels like a high end device, which is an important factor for many people. The one thing that leaves room for improvement is the battery, which is only 650mAh.

Kandypens Elite

The Elite is also built well. They’re actually pretty similar from a build quality standpoint. The design is similar and so is the final look and feel. Both of these were obviously meant to be perceived as high end.

There are a few big areas where the Elite comes up short in the comparisons though. First, the metal used is copper. Second, it doesn’t feature any magnetic connections. Finally, it lacks all the atomizer versatility offered by the Source Orb 4.


Build Quality Winner: Source Orb 4



Source Orb 4

The portability of this device is good. Its thin and easy to carry in either your hand or pocket, and the high durability is also a plus in this area.

The battery life may be somewhat limiting, but this is common with thin pen-style vaporizers. There is a direct trade off between the overall size of the unit and the battery life.

Kandypens Elite

The Elite is in the same position as the Source Orb 4. The size and overall shape make it extremely convenient to carry around, but you also aren’t getting a massive battery that allows you to go long time periods without charging.

When it comes to portability, there really is no difference between these two.


Portability Winner: Draw



Source Orb 4

You shouldn’t run into much difficulty keeping a low profile with the Source Orb 4. The fact that you can keep the temperature low and choose between a wide range of atomizers helps with keeping vapor production to a minimum, which is often ideal when trying to avoid attention.

The one downside is the ‘orb’ itself. This is visually distinctive, so anyone who knows anything about vaporizers will know you have a concentrate pen after a glance at this.

Kandypens Elite

The Elite is a little flashy, but ultimately small enough that you shouldn’t run into problems. You don’t get quite as much versatility as the Source Orb 4, but pairing the lowest temperature setting with the coilless atomizer should still help keep vapor production low.


Discreetness Winner: Kandypens Elite


Winner: Source Orb 4

These are both good vaporizers, but the Source Orb 4 offers more and comes at a cheaper price point, making it the winner of this matchup. The atomizer range is the most distinguishing factor, but the overall build quality is also slightly better. The atomizer options make it more versatile as far as vapor production goes as well.

A lot of what you seem to get with a KandyPens is the brand and marketing. They’ve put a lot of work into being the ‘cool’ brand by getting their products in the hands of rappers and celebrities, which may be important to you if your vaporizer will also be a fashion statement.

If you are looking for a reliable seller to pickup either the Source Orb 4 or the Kandypens Elite, we highly suggest grabbing them from Vaporizera. All orders are tax free and you get free shipping over $100.

As usual, we’d like to point out that everything in this post is simply our opinions based on years of using vaporizers. Whether you agree or disagree, we’d love to hear your experience as well…



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