You’re here for one of two reasons. Either you are about to spend a ton of money getting the absolute best vaporizer you can find, or you want to see how the other half lives. For many, both the Volcano by Storz & Bickel and the VapeXhale EVO are too expensive to justify buying. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons they have such an appeal. Owning one of these feels like belonging to an exclusive club. If you need help figuring out which club you want to belong to, keep reading…


Vapor Quality


The EVO can be used with or without one of VapeXhale’s Hydratubes. The Hydratube’s are high quality water filtration accessories that sit right on top of the base, and I highly recommend one if you are going to get the EVO. There is a huge improvement in overall vapor quality when you add one.

Without the Hydratube, you’ll be sucking the vapor through a short glass mouthpiece. It isn’t bad, but it’s nowhere near as smooth. The Hydratube also seems to make the vapor considerably more dense. If you are looking for something that hits hard, the EVO combined with a Hydratube is an excellent choice.


There is a reason the Volcano has remained so popular for over a decade. The vapor is extremely flavorful and smooth, and you have full control over the density.

The only way to enjoy vapor from the Volcano is by filling up balloons. A balloon is actually a very good way to enjoy vapor though because it guarantees the temperature is as low as possible without losing flavor to water filtration.

To control the density, simply adjust the temperature and the consistency of your grind. If you want really dense vapor, grind your herbs finer and turn the temperature up.

Volcano Heating Chamber


Vapor Quality Winner: Volcano


Build Quality


The EVO has a very simple design. There is a glass tube that runs through the unit to keep the air isolated from the interior components. The heater surrounds this tube, and the temperature is controlled by a knob on the front. You can vape either dry herbs or concentrates with this, and it does both well.

There is a lot of glass to deal with, especially if you get the Hydratube. The glass is all made well and appears to be durable, but you’ll likely have to replace pieces from time to time as they break. Accidents are bound to happen.

Overall, this is a very well made vaporizer.


The build quality is another reason the Volcano has been so popular for so long. These are capable of lasting a decade or more, and they don’t really need much maintenance.

Build up doesn’t really occur, so cleaning it is as easy as brushing out your chamber.

There aren’t any pieces that will break easily, so the only thing you have to plan on replacing are the balloons, and they’re cheap.

There are two important differences between the Digital Volcano and the regular one. The obvious one is the screen and full temperature control.

On top of have more control over your temperature level, the digital option is also better at keeping temperature fluctuations to a minimum.

With either option, you can choose between two different attachment styles, easy or solid. I recommend the easy version because it saves time and seems to work just as well.

VapeXhale with hydrotube


Build Quality Winner: Volcano




The EVO can be used with a regular glass mouthpiece or a water filtration device. As I mentioned earlier, using water filtration is highly recommended if you want to get the most out of this.

If you don’t want to pay for a Hydratube, you can also use your own water pipe by getting an adapter.

I don’t think the EVO is very good for groups though because of the amount of glass and overall expense. Passing this around to more than a one or two other people is an accident waiting to happen.


The downside of the Volcano is that it can only be used with balloons. While there are people who have modified it to be used with whips, I wouldn’t recommend trying. Like I mentioned above, you can choose between easy or solid attachment styles for the balloons.

The upside is that balloons are pretty versatile to begin with. For example, you can use the standard size or get extra large ones for using with groups.

Once you fill up a balloon, the vapor can easily be passed around or carried without any worry about someone breaking something.

The worst that could happen is they rip the plastic, which would be a very inexpensive replacement.

Volcano with easy valve


Options Winner: Tie




Volcano digital displayWinner: Volcano

While I enjoy using the EVO, it can’t compare to the Volcano.

I used the Digital Volcano for this comparison, but the outcome would have been the same for the regular one as well. In my opinion, the Volcano is still the undisputed champion of desktop vaporizers. There isn’t another one on the market that can compare to its overall build and vapor quality. These things will keep pumping out high quality vapor for years and years after you buy it, making it a great value as well.

I see one advantage to the EVO, and that’s the amount of vapor you can get quickly. The balloon setup of the Volcano limits your ability to get a lungful quickly, while the EVO really excels at doing just that. And even though I think the Volcano is better, the EVO is still extremely enjoyable.

If you are thinking of picking up a Volcano, we recommend grabbing one from, they have no tax and free shipping on orders over $100.


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