The VapeXhale EVO is a vapor producing powerhouse loved by some for its hard hits and the cool glass Hydratubes designed to work with it. The Arizer Extreme Q, on the other hand, is known for its overall vapor quality and versatility. Today we’re going to put them up against each other in a head to head matchup to find out which one of these is worthy of your hard earned money and adoration…


Vapor Quality


The vapor quality from the EVO is great when you pair it with a Hydratube for the water filtration. The flavor is good, it goes down smooth, and it hits very hard. In my experience, it isn’t nearly as smooth or hard hitting if you use it with just the glass tube mouthpiece instead of a Hydratube (or your own water pipe).

Seriously though, if you want the strongest vapor possible from a vaporizer, the two you should be looking at are this or the Plenty. You won’t find anything better when it comes to large, dense hits of vapor that still go down smooth.

Extreme Q

I love the Extreme Q for how versatile it is in delivering great vapor. You can choose to enjoy your vapor from whips or balloons, and the flavor is always outstanding. Either of these methods give the vapor ample time to cool, so it always goes down smooth too.

Even when it comes to density, the Extreme Q performs well. To get dense vapor from this, simply fill the chamber more than usual and use the lowest fan setting when filling a balloon. By the time the bag is completely full, you won’t be able to see through it.


Vapor Quality Winner: Tie


Build Quality


The EVO is simple but well built overall. I like that the air path is completely enclosed from the interior of the vape. A glass tube runs through the center and the heater surrounds it to warm the air before it reaches your material. There are separate pieces that you add depending on if you want to vape dry herb or concentrates.

Adjusting the temperature involves turning a knob on the front. On the base of the unit, there is no temperature indication at all. You’re just turning it up or down based on how you feel about the vapor it’s producing at that level. There is a heat shield that fits over the base that gives a rough indication of what temperature you are using. The heat shield is necessary anyway because the base gets hot to touch without it.

All the glass, including the Hydratubes, is well made.

Extreme Q

Arizer to a fantastic job with the Extreme Q. This delivers precision temperature that you control to the exact degree. The fan works great for filling the balloons and holds up well over time. There are three different fan speeds to choose between, which allows you to control how dense your vapor is.

The digital display is crisp and easy to use, and there is even a remote control that allows you to adjust any of the settings without getting up, including the temperature and fan speeds.

This has been one of my go to vaporizers at home for many years, and the only thing I’ve had to replace are the whips and bags. They’re both made of food grade materials, but they get dirty and gross looking over time. They’re are pretty cheap to replace though.


Build Quality Winner: Extreme Q




The EVO isn’t very versatile. There are two ways to use it, and one of them isn’t very good. I just don’t see much of a reason to pay all the money to get this and not use it with either a Hydratube or your own water pipe with an adapter.

I guess that’s where the versatility of this comes in. You can get an adapter and use the EVO with something you already have instead of paying the extra money for a Hydratube

Extreme Q

One of the Extreme Q’s biggest strengths is it’s versatility. You can enjoy it from a whip or balloon. You have full temperature control and multiple fan speeds. There’s a remote control so you never have to get up to adjust the settings, and the balloons make it a great choice for a party.

To make it even better, this can easily be used with a water pipe as well. There are third party accessories that fit right inside the whip and are built to replace different sized glass stems. So it’s got that angle covered as well.


Options Winner: Extreme Q




Winner: Extreme Q

The winner of this head to head matchup is the Arizer Extreme Q.

While the EVO is the more expensive vaporizer, the Extreme Q is a much better value and beats the EVO in most respects. It’s much more versatile, the vapor is just as good or better in most respects, and the build quality is better. If you are looking for a desktop vaporizer that you’ll be able to enjoy for years and in many different situations, the Extreme Q is a great buy.

The EVO has two things going for it. First, the Hydratubes make it seem like the cooler vape. I’m not sure how much of a functional advantage the Hydratubes are given their expense and the fact that the Extreme Q can offer water filtration as well. You could get the adapter and your own water pipe for less than the cost of a Hydratube.

The one real advantage the EVO has is the amount of dense vapor it can deliver at one time. If you are looking for something that will hit hard, the EVO does slightly outperform the Extreme Q.

If you are looking for a vaporizer that you want to use frequently for years, I definitely recommend the Extreme Q.

If you are thinking of picking up an Extreme Q. we recommend grabbing one from, they have no tax and free shipping on orders over $100.

Also be sure to check out our Stionary Ranking chart to see how these units stack up against the field.


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