We’ve got another head to head matchup, and today the ZEUS Smite Plus will be going up against the Apollo AirVape Xs. Our goal is to make it easier for our readers to make good decisions about what vaporizers to buy, and one way we’re doing this is comparing as many vaporizers as we possibly can. If you are looking for highly portable options that deliver great flavor, these two will likely come across your radar.  While there is a lot to like about both, there is one important way that they contrast, and it makes all the difference…


Vapor Quality

Smite Plus

The Smite Plus produces very good vapor. The flavor is great and the draws are smooth in your throat and lungs. You get precise temperature control with this, which is nice because it allows you to perfect your experience.

The heating chamber is entirely ceramic, helping to evenly heat the herb while keeping the flavor pure. The mouthpiece is silicone. This doesn’t seem to hurt the flavor at all, but you can get a glass mouthpiece separately if the silicone bothers you.

Airvape XS

The AirVape XS also produces good vapor. Like the Smite Plus, the AirVape Xs has a fully ceramic heating chamber, and it also offers precision temperature control.

The flavor is excellent, and the vapor pathway is completed with a glass mouthpiece, which is a nice touch. I really enjoyed the vapor from both these units, and there isn’t enough of a difference to say that one is better than the other in this category.


Vapor Quality Winner: Draw


Build Quality

Smite Plus

The build quality of the Smite Plus is extremely high. I prefer any vaporizer that offers precise temperature control, and I’m also a big fan of the fact that the mouthpiece stores away inside the base of the unit.

The best feature though has got to be the battery. You can get up to 3 hours for each charge of the Smite Plus, which is well above average. Most higher end units offer up to 2 hours, which should put the 3 hour span in perspective.

Airvape XS

It’s obvious that a lot of work went into the AirVape Xs as well. This is the thinnest vaporizer that I’ve ever used, and fitting everything inside could not have been an easy feat. From my understanding, they had to have the batteries specially made. But the battery life is honestly a bit of a problem.

The size is just 1300mAh, and you’re really only going to get 45 minutes of use out of it. That’s at the high end. I know people who report only getting two sessions out of theirs before needing to recharge. Despite the fact that the build quality is fantastic overall, the battery life holds it back.


Build Quality Winner: Smite Plus



Smite Plus

The Smite is easy to take with you wherever you go. I’ve already mentioned that the mouthpiece stores away inside the base of the unit, but it’s worth repeating here because it’s very convenient when traveling. But the best feature comes back to the mammoth battery size.

Getting two hours out of a single charge is a big plus when you are out. There’s nothing worse than being on a hike and getting ready to enjoy a session only to find your batteries have died.

Airvape XS

With this being the thinnest vaporizer I’ve ever actually used – and probably the thinnest on the market – you would think that it is the easy winner. Not so fast. You can probably tell that I care a lot about battery life.

The small battery is a bit of a deal breaker for me as far as choosing whether or not to use this while out. There’s just way too much charging involved with this.


Portability Winner: Smite Plus



Smite Plus

You shouldn’t have any problems keeping a low profile with the Smite Plus. The size is good and easy to conceal in your hand, plus the precise temperature control allows you to drop it down low and keep visible vapor production to a minimum. The black finish also keeps it from being overly eye catching.

Airvape XS

The thin design earns the AirVape a win in this category. It’s so thin that it looks more like a cell phone with a quick glance. You definitely won’t have a hard time keeping it concealed. Even if people see it, they probably won’t think it’s a vaporizer unless they look closely.


Discreetness Winner: Draw


Winner: Zeus Smite Plus

I’d take the Smite Plus over the AirVape Xs any day of the week. While the AirVape Xs has a bunch of great features, the difference in battery life between these two is huge. The difference can be measured in hours.

I get that the AirVape had to sacrifice battery life to achieve the super thin size, but at what cost? All the portability it picks up from being so easy to carry it loses because it needs charged so frequently. If you only plan on using your vaporizer once or twice a night, then this may not bother you at all.

If you can even imagine a situation where you need to go a few sessions in between charging the unit, then the Smite Plus is the clear choice.

With that being said, both of these units would be excellent choices if you are in the market for a new vaporizer. If you are thinking of picking up a Smite Plus or the Airvape XS, we recommend grabbing them from TVape.com, they have no tax and free shipping on orders over $100.

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