Kandypens Prism+ Review

Kandypens Prism+ Review – Plus Prism

Kandypens Prism+ is the improved and slightly bigger brother of Kandypens Prism. Like the previous model, it is also designed for the waxy oil enthusiasts. Although a strikingly small and...
Kandypens Icon Kit Review

KandyPens Icon Kit Review – Iconic

included Product Cons Not for dry herbs Glass can break       KandyPens Icon Kit Review: Breakdown Quality Build Quality The overall build quality of the KandyPens Icon is...
Kandypens Prism Review

Kandypens Prism Review – Spectrum of Wax

build quality, vapor quality, look and feel, discreteness, portability, ease of use, and overall assessment of the KandyPens Prism vaporizer. KandyPens is one of the most well branded vape companies...
Kandypens Galaxy Review

KandyPens Galaxy – Blast Off!

reviewing a very popular wax pen, the KandyPens Galaxy. KandyPens has done a very good job at getting their products in the hands of big name celebrities, complete with appearances...
KandyPens Slim review

KandyPens Slim Review – Slim Jim

KandyPens Slim Review - Slim Jim Build Quality 65% Vapor Quality 70% Look & Feel 69% Discreetness 80% Ease of Use 80% Portability 85% 70% 100 Overall Score 70% Good...