Our Contributors

Kevin Rondilla

E-Cig Vape Enthusiast & Writer

Kevin is a serious vapehead. Most will say he came out of his mother’s womb holding onto a cartomizer vape pen, but his real friends know the truth; that he was actually born with a triple 21700 mechanical box setup in hand and has been chucking clouds ever since then. On his free time, he also enjoys trying every MMORPG he sees, pwning noobs on R6 Siege and out hacking cheaters on Battlefield 1.

Phil Thomas

Vaporizer Aficionado, Professional Lyricist, Writer, Social Media Manager

Phil is a writer based in Pensacola, Florida with a real passion for the vape nation. Although he primarily operates within the vaporizer industry, he’s also a professional lyricist, search engine optimization expert, comedy writer, tech writer, and social media manager.

Sarah Rodgers

Outdoors Aficionado, Dry Herb Vape lover, & Writer

Sarah is a professional blog writer and herb enthusiast. When she is away from the desk Sarah can be found hiking, camping, or anything outdoorsy along with her trusty vaporizer. When in nature she feels a closer connection with the Earth and with herself.

Arash Sichani

E-Cig Vape Enthusiast & Writer

Arash is a massive vape geek who has dipped his toes in all things vape related ever since the original cartomizer was a thing. Aside from vaping, he enjoys climbing the ranks in Rainbow Six: Siege and obsessing over optimal airflow setups for your everyday desktop computer. As an avid fan of the fantasy genre, he also thinks that you should immediately read the Kingkiller Chronicle and Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere series for refusing to do so might result in a glaring lack of joie de vivre.

B. Alexandria Tate

Cannabis Business Development Consultant & Writer

B. Alexandria Tate is a cannabis writer and cannabis business development consultant based out of Los Angeles. She enjoys tacos, dirty vodka martinis, and rolling (totally legal!) joints in front of the police. She can be reached at AlexSellsWeed.com, a domain she is incredibly proud of, but can never tell her mom about.

Our Staff

Alexandra M

Founder & Webmaster

Alexandra is the Captain of the USS Vapesterdam due in part to her having come up with the idea but also because nothing on Vapesterdam can function without her web expertise there to guide and implement it. When she’s not using her vast knowledge of the industry and web development to hold together the foundation of the site single-handed, you can find her pwning noobs online, eating triple scoop ice-cream cones, riding her bike around with a baseball card in the spokes or catching grasshoppers in tall grass – you know, big kid stuff.

Daniel C

Senior Content Specialist

Dan is a writer with a massive vaporizer collection who loves video games, superhero movies, finding new music, comic and regular books and critically deconstructing those things until he wonders why he liked them in the first place.  He’s also a pragmatic fitness enthusiast who believes that the best actions you can take in your daily life are those that help you reach your goals, and that naps are the most lofty, but also the most noble goal one can have.

Andrew W

Junior Content Specialist

Andrew is the youngest member of our crew with a glass collection that would likely make most head shops jealous. He’s an unapologetic hedonist who believes that one should make the most of what little time they have by enjoying as much of it as possible. This, more often than not, leads to many Saturday and Sunday afternoons spent on a couch watching Netflix with a box of cookies from Costco recovering from the insanity of the night before.

Amy K

Video Editor

Amy started out in graphics. After a mild nervous breakdown she switched to video. She’s intensely happy about making that decision. She’s actually intensely happy in general, which is a good thing! It keeps things nice and light at the office. Her big dream is to make a crazy viral video – something we all encourage as it wouldn’t be all that bad for us. There’s always a stack of chocolate bars on her desk too. That might be what’s influencing her intense happiness!