In the world of vaporizers, just about every enthusiast knows that the best vapor quality you can get comes from vaporizers that use convection heating. The vaporization is more efficient and the vapor is more flavorful than what you’d find in other vaporizers, but what makes them better than their competition? How exactly do they outperform conduction vaporizers? In this post we’ll figure out what convection vaporizers have that make them superior to conduction vaporizers.


One place that convection vaporizers take the cake is in the efficiency category. This is because hot air is much more easily able to reach in and around your herb to vaporize more of your herb faster than conduction can. With conduction, the heat is only coming from the heating surface which is around the sides of where the herb is. Convection vaporizers allow for hot air to work it’s way around and through the herb to vaporize the compounds in it quickly and easily.

Heat LevelsConvection Vaporizers: What Makes Them Better? - Volcano Vaporizer Herb Chamber

With conduction heat, you have to pull air through the chamber to get the vapor from the chamber into your mouth. What this does is it cools the heating chamber as the cold air from outside the unit gets into the heating chamber. This means the unit has to work to keep the heating chamber at the right temperature. This will adversely effect the heating temperature in the heating chamber and also mess with the vapor production of the unit. With conduction vaporizing, the air that moves through the heating chamber is hot, so the temperature remains constant and the vapor production is much higher as a result.


The toasty and nutty flavor of vaporized herb isn’t a bad thing, but right off the bat, you’ll probably want to taste the natural and pure flavor of your herb. With conduction heating, the warming of your herb from the outer edges causes it to get vaporized pretty quickly and start producing that nutty flavor pretty early on mixed with the fresh flavor of your herb. With convection heating, the air heats your herb more evenly, which ends up making for even flavors with each draw. When you start tasting that nutty flavor of vaporized herb, it will be a total flavor that you’ll likely notice more because there aren’t any other flavors to distract you from tasting that.

You might also find that the vapor from the unit is much smoother. This is likely because it’s just air heating your herb and it can quickly cool down between the heating chamber and your mouth piece. Regardless of the reason, it’s not something people question if they’ve tried both. Convection vaporizers are the best of the best, and now you know why!

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