The Haze is back in our brains with a new device from the makers of the innovative two-chamber Dual V3. After being shown off at the Champs Show in Las Vegas, people are buzzing more and more about the latest development from Haze Technologies called the Square. Now, there is a new page and price listing for the Square, so we know we’re getting ever closer to the release of a rad new device. Although the specific release date is still a mystery at this time, we’re almost at mass production and promotion, so let’s check it out!

Haze Square - Chambers

What They’re Saying

“A square vape, a square box…but not for squares.” I guess “hip to be square” was a bit too on the nose to be the tagline for the Square? In any case, there’s already a fair amount of hype for the new Square vaporizer by Haze. The Vape.Guide has already been reporting on the performance of the Haze Square and they are pretty glowing about it. Supposedly, this is the first and only quad chamber vaporizer on the market at this point. This means there is a rotating plate where you can fit up to you can pack the Haze Square with enough material to last up to four sessions in one go, even though the size is roughly as thick as the Haze Dual V3.

The Haze Square promises to be more on-demand instead of session style, with adjustable temperatures range from 340°F to 450°F operating from on-demand convection heating. The outside shell is made from high-grade aluminum, as is the rotating plate; canisters are made from stainless steel, and there’s a completely isolated air path as well. Auto-shutoff is set for 45 seconds and will alert the user as to when the unit is at risk of overheating by giving a consistent vibration until the unit powers off. The Square can be charged either through a wall outlet or through micro-USB and the mouthpiece sits flush with the unit, making for easy transit in your pocket.

Haze Square Pieces

What We’re Saying

Honestly, we just don’t really know what to expect here. Haze has been making some pretty nifty gear for a while and while we’ve been a fan of their previous work, we’re also wary of hype in any form when it comes to our vape gear. The idea of four different chambers all with the ability be pre-loaded makes very curious about how well the individual chambers will work, and how the heat will interact with each of them.

The only reviews out there right now are based on specs released by Haze, and not so much from actual consumer use at this point, so let’s consider ourselves cautiously optimistic about this new development from the Haze.

Haze Square Chamber View

Do you have any thoughts on this emerging model? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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  1. Victor

    Four separate chambers to pack, what fresh madness is this? Guess it makes sense coming from Haze – after all, this is the same company that made the first dual chamber portable vape. What’s next, the nine chamber pyramid of vaporization? Haha. But seriously, can’t wait to see how it works. Who knows, could be the next best portable, ya?


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