School is back in session and you’re looking to session back at school, but doing so in your dorm room could have some serious consequences if you get caught.

Many people will tell you, “just don’t do it” and to be honest that is good advice, but you wouldn’t be looking at this article if you weren’t thinking about doing it anyways.

Luckily the folks at Vapesterdam have been there, done that, all without getting caught. So we put together a handy guide on how to smoke in a dorm room.

1. Vape Don’t Smoke

The best way to smoke in your dorm room is to use a vaporizer instead. You don’t want to smoke herb in a dorm room. Smoking releases pungent odors which spread quickly and are difficult to cover up.

Smoking in your dorm room is a great way to get yourself kicked out of the dorms. In the USA, getting caught smoking in the dorms could cause you to lose access to all federal funding, including student grants and loans.


Herb enthusiasts who are moving into dorm rooms this fall should put together an incognito vape kit to prepare. If you’re going to smoke in your dorm, the first thing you need is a discreet vape. I recommend the Utillian 420. It’s affordable, discreet, and easy-to-use. More importantly, it loads quickly and is easy to put away in a hurry.

You also need a storage case that can hold all of your supplies, prevent smell seepage, and avoid detection. Get one like this. It holds all your gear and herb in one discrete package. Also, while not smell proof, it definitely reduced smell. For total smell control, you need smelly proof bags.

They come in sizes perfect for your a Zeus storage case. For most herb, smelly proof bags render it undetectable, with the right storage case, even the smelliest herb can be so discrete that even your roommate won’t know.


2. Prepare the Room

When it’s time to smoke, you need to do two things: prepare the room, and eliminate the smell. Vaping is the most discreet way to smoke, but even the ultra-discrete Utillian 420 vaporizer produces a lightly scented vapor.

Preparing the room is all about keeping any smells from spreading. The ideal scenario is a room with a window, if you’re lucky enough that your dorm window actually opens (check first!)

If you have a window, your goal is to send most of the smell outdoors. Do yourself a favor and buy a cheap desk fan as soon as you move in. Point this fan towards yourself and the window whenever you vape.

If you exhale out the window with the fan on high, very little of the smoke should escape. Be careful if you’re on the first floor. People walking by will get the full force of the smell, so be sure to take note of your surroundings.


You can’t keep all of the smell from escaping, so you’re going to double down on your smell prevention by taking measures to account for the residual smell.

Keep any errant smoke from escaping by tucking a towel tightly in the space between the door and the floor. Make the seal as tight as possible, but try to avoid pushing the towel so far it can be seen from the other side.

This will draw unwanted attention and could cause your dorm authorities to investigate further.

No window? No problem. You can easily vape in a small bathroom and use the shower to help you cover the odor. Put a towel under the door in order to trap as much steam as possible, then turn on the shower.

Make sure the water is as hot as possible. Squeeze some scented soap on the floor of the shower in order to further cover the smell. If the room as a vent, be sure to turn it on and exhale in that direction.


3. Eliminate the Smell

Once you’ve prepared the room, you should take the necessary steps to eliminate residual smells. Start by taking action as you vape, so that you have very little to cover up once you’re done.

The most important step you can take is building a spoof or purchasing a smoke buddy.

Whether you build your own using a toilet paper roll, or purchase a factory-made smoke buddy, the key to these odor eliminating devices is the dryer sheets that you fill them with. Keep an eye on your dryer sheets.

They turn brown as they’re used, so rotate them often in order to keep them fresh. When they’ve lost their fresh scent and are mostly brown, it’s time to change them out for a fresh set of dryer sheets.


When you finish your session, it’s important to scent the room. Sure, you’ve taken every possible precaution, and the room likely has no smell. Still, it’s better to know your room is free of odors than to simply assume.

Covering the smell will give you peace of mind and ensure that there is no residual odor from your session and no lingering smell from the presence of herb.

The most common odor remover is Febreze. It is innocuous enough that the presence of the can does not draw attention. Febreze comes in a variety of scents and your roommate is likely to appreciate you using them.

Be careful not to overdo it. Constant Febreze use is enough to alert the more watchful dorm authorities to the fact that something unseemly may be occurring in your room.


For super low key situations where privacy is a must, I recommend Ozium. Ozium is more of an odor eliminator than a room spray. It removes smells and covers them with a light scent that’s hard to place.

Within moments of use, odors are gone. After a few more seconds, the smell of the Ozium dissipates and one is left in a room that smells like nothing at all.

4. Be Smart, Stay Safe

Planning and preparation are the best way to ensure a low-key session in your dorm room. Don’t put yourself in a bad position that could lead to getting kicked out of the dorm or worse the school.

If you have a handful of friends in your room all ready to smoke, take it outside, when there are so many people partaking in a session it is much more likely someone won’t obey the rules or the sheer volume you are trying to cover will tip someone off.

Sometimes it’s best to know when to pick your battles and when it’s time to get some fresh air and take a walk.

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