Storz & Bickel has been producing high-quality, high-cost vaporizers for year now, culminating in an increasing number of fake versions of their signature model, the Mighty. Now, there’s nothing wrong with searching for a bargain with alternative models, but when it comes to vaporizers, you don’t want to end up with a subpar device. Knockoffs are subject to many more operation issues than official devices, and overall device quality is slipshod at best.

There are a few distinct differences to keep an eye out for while shopping for a Mighty to ensure you don’t end up with a lemon. Read on to see what we found:


Check the Back

Fake Mighty vs Original - Back

The most reliable way to detect a fake Mighty vaporizer is to check the serial number sticker located on the sticker on the back of the unit. The cheap matte sticker of the fake Mighty is off-centre and misaligned, as well as being a lighter shade of black than real Mightys. The serial on the original Mighty will look professionally printed and perfectly aligned with the unit’s seams, as well as finished with semi-gloss.

If you get the feeling you may have a fake Mighty, this should be the first place you look to find out. Older fake models may not even have a serial number, so if this piece of information is missing, don’t even bother going further.

Inspect the Workmanship

Original Mighty vs Fake Mighty - Top

Many of the edges and seams of the fake Mighty suffer from sloppy alignment, which can be detected from a quick visual once-over as well as physical inspection.

Little details emerge upon closer look, like the power button being installed upside-down from how the original button is set. This gives way to the shoddy feel of the plastic seal, which is apparent from running one’s fingers over the device. The plastic of a fake Mighty feels rough and unpleasant to the touch, while a legitimate Mighty will feel strong and seamless in your grip; anything less is reason for suspicion. Older fake Mighty models will also feature a flat recreation of the three-dimensional Mighty sticker on top of the unit, as seen in the photo comparison above.

What’s Your Function

Fake Mighty vs Original Mighty - LED Screen

The original Mighty comes with a pristine LED which should look clear and scratch-resistant upon first use. The fake Mighty we used had noticeable scratches on the temperature screen (presumably from lack of screen cover, which comes with the original Mighty), giving the unit a cheaper look and feel almost immediately.

There are also differences in how the buttons feel when pressed, with the original Mighty’s buttons feeling soft and responsive while the buttons of the fake Mighty feel more plastic and hard, and give a conspicuous clicking sound when pressed. If the LED screen looks shoddy and the control buttons feel and sound especially plastic, then be wary of what may very well be a fake Mighty. Other signs include light poking out from behind the control buttons, as well as the high-pitched noise emitted upon operation.

How’s the Heat

Original Mighty vs Fake Mighty - Heating Chambers

At first glance, the heating chamber of a Mighty knockoff may appear almost identical to the real thing, but there are a couple of giveaways to look out for.

On the fake Mighty model, the plastic ring around the heating chamber is a noticeably darker shade of gray than the original, which is slightly more beige. The o-ring around the plastic ring is different as well, with the thin royal blue of the original Mighty replaced with a thicker shape and lighter blue color. The quality of the heating chamber itself is surprisingly comparable, but spotting these discrepancies will help avoid other product issues later.


Final Thoughts

While these are all good items to keep in mind when searching for the best device, the easiest way to ensure you obtain a legitimate product is to purchase it from an authorized retailer such as Vaporizera.

If you see the Mighty model on a third-party retailer with a suspiciously low price tag, it is a very good chance the model you receive will be a knockoff and you will likely experience difficulties with the device.

Storz & Bickel maintains consistent pricing control on the Mighty which means they do not often go on sale. However, savvy shoppers should keep an eye on Vaporizera around holiday season, when more models tend to be on sale. Buying a Mighty from Vaporizera will also garner free shipping as well as a high-quality Zeus gift (usually either a Temple Box or a Bolt Grinder).

How else can you spot fake Mighty vaporizers? Let us know in the comments!

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3 Responses

  1. Victor

    Ugh, can’t even imagine how terrible it’d be to pickup a fake Mighty thinking it was legit. Some cheap knockoff instead of the German engineered and manufactured masterpiece that is the Mighty. Hopefully this little guide you put together helps save someone from accidentally buying a cheap knockoff.

  2. Jason


    Don’t want to spend the money on a real one and looking to buy the fake. Can you tell me how the fake one preforms?


    • Dan C

      The simple answer is don’t even consider a fake. It doesn’t have a warranty and there is no telling what materials they used during manufacturing. I would not risk it just to save some money. If you are looking for a good alternative check out the Utillian 721.


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