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Rosinbomb Rocket Review

Rosinbomb Rocket Review – Rosin for All

The Rocket is another ingenious rosin press from the Seattle-based manufacturer, Rosinbomb. No longer do you need to grab your hair straightener. This handy little portable device does all of the work for...
Mota Pot Review

Mota Pot Review – Edibles on the Cheap?

From the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado comes the butter infusing Mota Pot! This American made unit took a full 40 years of testing and perfecting. But can it hold its own? Stay tuned to see! And if you...

Loto Lux Preview – Loto Max

The Loto Lux – which used to be called the Evoke Vaporizer – is a newly released device that is capable of vaping 3 mediums of material and uses induction heating. The Lux is the first ever induction...

IQOS Tobacco Heat Not Burn Device Review

The IQOS kit is a revolutionary design which basically enables smokers to heat not burn their tobacco instead of smoking it. Most experienced vapers will take one look at the Philip Morris IQOS kit and...