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Ascent vs Solo battle

Ascent vs Solo

Hey there vapesters, we've got another dandy battle for you! Today we're pitting two real professionals against each other. The DaVinci Ascent was released in late 2013, and has been making waves since. The...
Ascent vs Pax battle

Ascent vs Pax Vaporizer – who’s the bad boy?

Hey there vapesters, we've got another great vape battle for you today. Facing off in this matchup are the Ascent and Pax Vaporizer, two portable vaporizers making big waves in the industry. So who will win in...
Aromed Vs VapirRise battle

AroMed vs VapirRise

Hi there vapesters, we've got a heck of a battle for you today! In the ring are two stationary vaporizers, the German AroMed in one corner, and the American VapirRise in the other. They're two very unique...