Bongs are extremely recognizable in just about every way. The sound alone is known by hundreds of thousands (dare I say, millions?) of people around the world! The distinctive bubble of percolating water is very unique to bongs, and as such, one of the more recognizable parts of the smoking world. If you were familiar with them at one point back in the day or are new to the bong world, you’ll need a refresher course to catch up. Like many things produced by glass blowers ver the last decade or so, it has grown and evolved a great deal over time to include concentrate-specific bubblers alongside their dry botanical specific counterparts. The units you once knew as simple vase-like glass objects have changed into a unit far more advanced than anyone could have imagined. So what exactly has changed? Glass blowers got smarter, more creative and FAR more skilled leading to the epic landscape of percolators we know today.