Bongs and Pipes are some of the most recognizable and iconic items around. Because bongs have been around as long as they have, they've been able to grow and evolve beyond their original form. The improvements in bongs and pipes is partly due to the the extensive and numerous advancements within the fields surrounding the glass blowing community. Concentrate bubblers, a variant of your typical bong, are just one example of that advancement. Want to find out more? Click one of the links below to read up each section and see for yourself!

Gear 14/20 bubble dome with side hole

Gear 14/20 Bubble Dome Review

Welcome to the Gear 14/20 Bubble Dome Review! This glass set is comprised of a 14mm bong adapter, a glass nail and a dome with a hole on the side. If you haven't guessed already, this is for use with your...
Incredibowl mini

Incredibowl Mini Pipe Review

Welcome to our Incredibowl Mini pipe review! The Incredibowl is made by the company Incredibowl Industries and can be best described as the middle ground between a bong and a pipe. The unit itself is...
FUTO Wooden Pipe with swivel tops open revealing the bowl and storage compartment

FUTO Wooden Pipe Review

Welcome to the FUTO Wooden pipe review! This pipe is a Canadian-made pipe with a simple design that still manages to sport some cool features. So without further delay, let's get into the review! Product...
Debonair Briar Pipe

Debonair Briar Pipe Review

Welcome to the Debonair Briar Pipe review! This pipe can be easily explained as the pipe you'd expect to see in the mouth of a man in the 1950's as he sits in his living room with the newspaper. It's a very...
Slayer brass Pipe

Slayer Brass Pipe Review

Welcome to our Slayer Brass pipe review! This pipe is a classic metal pipe that you could easily find at a corner store or head shop. If you don't happen to have the time or patience to roll, but still want...
Slayer Nickel, metal pipe. Good for smoking dry herb.

Slayer Nickel Pipe Review

Welcome to the Slayer Nickel pipe review!  This piece is a standard issue pipe much like you'd find at your local head shop or corner store. These pipes are often great for those who are on a tight budget...

Eject-a-Bowl Accessory Review

Welcome to the Eject-a-Bowl accessory review! The Eject-a-Bowl is a bowl for your bong that allows you to easily eject the contents of your bowl easily to dispose of the ash and burnt botanical. Let's take a...
Curly Nickel pipe. Good for smoking dry herb

Curly Nickel Pipe Review

Welcome to our Curly Nickel pipe review! Today we're looking at a mostly wood pipe about the same size as a metal pipe you'd find at your local head shop. It features a wooden bowl and tube and a metal joint...
Retro Glass 5" glow-in-the-dark bong. Good for smoking dry herb.

Retro Glass Glow-In-The-Dark Bong Review

Welcome to our Retro Glass Glow-In-The-Dark bong review! Today we're looking at a 5 1/4" pistol grip glass bubbler from Retro Glass. This piece is an interesting addition to the lineup as it seem like it...