The world of pipes has made some impressive strides over the last decade or so thanks to the advancements in glass blowing. Just as bongs have benefited from the accelerated creativity and skill of the glass blowers, so have pipes. Luckily, much of what you probably already understand about the world of pipes hasn’t changed much, but there are some notable additions to the pipe lineup that should be acknowledged along with the old veterans. Go ahead and check out our reviews to see what the pipe world has to offer!

Blue Twisted Glass Spoon Review

Blue Twisted Glass Spoon Review

Welcome to the Blue Twisted Glass Spoon Review! When it comes to glass pipes, often the design is king. It's all about looking cool in some way be it with pretty colors or a look that screams "You have to at...
Black Rasta Glass Spoon Review

Black Rasta Glass Spoon Review

Welcome to the Black Rasta Glass Spoon Review! Spoons are a great way to have a simple smoke when you don't have the time or energy to roll and where these little guys miss out in terms of smoke quality they...
Albino Rasta Glass Spoon Review

Albino Rasta Glass Spoon Review

Welcome to the Albino Rasta Glass Spoon review! This little spoon is a simple pipe design meant for those who like to keep their experience simple and clean on just about every level. Either way, these pipes...
Magnum Critter Slider

Magnum Critter Slider Review

Welcome to the Magnum Critter Slider review! This glass pipe is a bit of an anomaly as it isn't shaped like your standard pipe. This pipe can be loaded with your herb, smoked, and ashed as you burn your...

Incredibowl Review

Welcome to the Incredibowl review! We've already reviewed the Incredibowl mini, but this time we're looking at it's bigger brother, which is still like a midway point between a pipe and a bong and makes good...
FUTO Smoker's Box and Bat

FUTO Smoker’s Box and Bat Review

Welcome to the FUTO Smoker's Box and Bat review! Today we're looking at a piece made by Canadian manufacturer FUTO that that allows you to quickly and easily load a small pipe and smoke without all the fuss...
Red Eye Glass Silver Twizzler

Red Eye Glass Silver Twizzler Review

Welcome to the Red Eye Glass Silver Twizzler review! This is a glass pipe that comes to us from Red Eye Glass. The pipe itself is a single piece and has some nice features, so let's get to the review and...