Vaporizers might be one of the newest ways to consume the essential compounds found in your botanical, but the world of vaporizers has grown very large, especially in the last decade. To make matters more confusing, every year more manufacturers join the fray and add new units to the ever-growing sea of vaporizers. This can make learning about and choosing the right vaporizer for you seem like a daunting or impossible task. Luckily, we here at can help. To put it simply, vaporizers don’t burn your botanical, they heat it to a temperature where the essential oils turn to vapor and can be inhaled. Click on one of the two types of vaporizers below to continue learn more about the vaporizer world. If you find a liking to one of the vaporizers below and would like to buy one, you can support us and buy from this North American Vaporizer Store.

ThermoVape vaporizer. Good to use with dry herb.

ThermoVape Vaporizer Review

Welcome to the ThermoVape vaporizer review! The Thermovape is an older model a portable pen-style vaporizer released in 2011 from manufacturer Thermo Essence. There was plenty of excitement about it in the...
Palm 2.0 vaporizer. Good to use with dry herb.

Palm 2.0 Vaporizer Review

Welcome to the Palm 2.0 vaporizer review! The Palm 2.0 is a portable vaporizer by American manufacturer Vapor Blunt. When you unbox your Palm 2.0, you’ll find the vaporizer itself, two batteries, two...
G Pen vaporizer. Good to use with extracts.

G Pen Vaporizer Review

Welcome to the G Pen vaporizer review! The G Pen comes to us from Grenco Science, an American manufacturer, and it has good build quality. The Original G Pen comes with the pen itself, an acrylic G Tank, wall...