Stationary Vaporizers need to be plugged in to a wall socket to operate. Just like portable units, they have their own advantages and disadvantages that should be considered. Stationary vaporizers have the advantage of pulling as much power as they need right from the wall. As a result, a great many of them can handle not only dry botanical, but also concentrates with ease. This is because that access to power allows them to reach temperatures that most portable units can only dream of. Stationary vaporizers also often have the ability to be used by more people at once because of the size of the heating chambers and accessories like balloon and hooka attachments that let you share the vapor between 4 or more people easily. Portables don’t usually have such accessories and often have chambers too small to make enough vapor to satisfy more than 2 or 3 people. If any of these desktop vaporizers interest you, be sure to check out this Vaporizer shop for pricing!. :)

Digital Volcano Vaporizer Review
87 Score

Digital Volcano

Considered the Cadillac of desktop vaporizers the Digital Volcano has set the precedence for quality in a vaporizer and has become synonymous with the vaporizer community. The volcano uses balloons that fill with vapor for easy consumption.
Classic Volcano Vaporizer
86 Score

Classic Volcano

The Classic Volcano was one of the original vaporizers available. It lacks the digital display and instead offers a dial to set the unit to a temperature range. This unit is tried and true still providing some of the best vapor money can buy.
VapirRise unit
84 Score


The Vapir Rise is a worthy stationary unit that features a stainless steel air path for maximum durability. It also features whip and balloon options even allowing you to attach up to 4 whips at once for a hookah style experience with friends.
Extreme Q vaporizer with cyclone bowl and whip. Good for use with dry herb.
78 Score

Extreme Q

The Extreme Q has become a staple of the stationary vaporizer world. Best known for its all glass vapor path and multifunctionality with whips or balloons the Arizer Extreme Q is a vaporizer work horse providing extremely satisfying vapor.
AroMed Vaporizer
76 Score


The German designed AroMed features a one of a kind photon heating element to heat your herbs with the power of the sun! Well, not exactly, but it is the first unit to use light as a heat source to provide some of the purest vapor available..
Plenty Vaporizer Review
75 Score


Handheld and desktop units collide with Storz & Bickels Plenty. It takes the power of the volcano and puts it in a handheld delivery system. It is great for users who want the Vapor quality that Storz & Bickel are known for but don’t feel the need to fill a balloon with vapor.
74 Score

Arizer V-Tower

Little brother to the Extreme Q, the V-Tower lacks the fan option of its bigger brother making it a whip-only delivery system. It is perfect for those who just want to vaporize without the huge setup. Arizer is known for quality and the V-Tower is no exception.
Silver Surfer Vaporizer Review
72 Score

Silver Surfer

The Silver Surfer is made by American manufacturer 7th Floor who were pioneers in the vaporizer industry. The Silver Surfer is one of their original models and provides vapor via a whip based delivery system.
Herbalizer stationary vaporizer
72 Score


The Herbalizer was an exciting unit when it first came out. UFO meets vaporizer the Herbalizer was developed by ex-Nasa scientists to provide users with an out of this world vaporizer experience. The device allowed for both whip and balloon intake methods.
Da Buddha Vaporizer
71 Score

Da Buddha

Brother to the Silver Surfer, the Da Buddha is another whip style unit that features a glass heating chamber. The Da Buddha is known for its rugged construction and reliable nature and its ability to provide smooth satisfying vapor.
VapeXhale Cloud Evo Vaporizer Review
60 Score

Vapexhale Cloud Evo

The VapeXhale Cloud Evo is designed to work with 18mm downstem water pipes to provide bountiful amounts of vapor. The unit is a bit clunky but it does what it does very well. The main issue is if you find yourself without a water pipe than this device becomes a very expensive paperweight.
Deluxe Daddy Vaporizer
48 Score

Deluxe Daddy

The Deluxe Daddy is a “box style” desktop vaporizer that features a whip style delivery system. Box style vaporizers were among the first to hit the market and have not aged well since. They lack precise temperature control and the vapor is considered okay at best.
Silver Surfer Vaporizer Review

Silver Surfer Vaporizer Review

Welcome to the Silver Surfer Vaporizer Review, fellow enthusiasts! Today we'll be looking at a fan favorite vaporizer, the SSV from 7th Floor. People love this unit for how easy it is to use and how durable...

Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer Review

Welcome to the Arizer V-Tower vaporizer review! The V-Tower is a powerful stationary vaporizer made by Canadian manufacturer Arizer. It’s elegantly simple in design, and gives you amazing value for its...