Want to know how certain units stack up against each other? Well you are in the right place! At Vapesterdam we find joy in pitting the latest and greatest vaporizers against each other in a no-holds-barred slug fest. We break down our comparisons into key categories to determine which is the better overall unit.

Extreme Q vs Plenty battle

Extreme Q vs Plenty

Good day sports fans, we've got a hell of a battle for you today.  It's a battle between the Extreme Q by Arizer, and the Plenty by Storz & Bickel. These vaporizers each come from a long lineage of great...
Ascent vs Da Vinci vaporizer battle

Ascent vs Da Vinci

Hi there vapesters, we've got another great vape battle for you today. Each of the units we're battling today come from the same manufacturer, Da Vinci. In one corner is the new Ascent, challenging today is...