Want to know how certain units stack up against each other? Well you are in the right place! At Vapesterdam we find joy in pitting the latest and greatest vaporizers against each other in a no-holds-barred slug fest. We break down our comparisons into key categories to determine which is the better overall unit.

Pax vs Fake Pax

Pax vs Fake Pax

Welcome, fellow enthusiasts, to the Pax vs Fake Pax battle! This battle is for all the connoisseurs out there who love to hunt for bargains and might sometimes purchase a knock-off over a legitimate unit to...
Vapman Basic vs Palm battle

Vapman Basic vs Palm

Hey there vapesters, we've got another great vape battle for you today. We've got the Swiss made Vapman Basic in one corner, and the American Palm vaporizer is challenging him today. They're both tiny...
Volcano vs VapirRise battle

Volcano vs VapirRise

Hello vaporizer fans, we've got another hot battle for you today. It's between the legendary German Volcano and the relatively new Vapir Rise. Everyone knows the Volcano as the #1 vaporizer on the market, it's...