Waxes and concentrates have been gaining popularity over the years and are probably the most popular they have ever been. People find waxes and concentrates more convenient because they are quicker to ingest and provide a more potent experience. Manufacturers have begun to create a whole host of wax-centric vaporizers and accessories to satisfy the demands of the public. Click on one of the wax pens below to continue to learn more about the wax pen world. If you find a liking to one of the wax pens below and would like to buy one, you can support us and buy from this North American Vaporizer Store.

Utillian 5 Review
90 Score

Utillian 5

An absolute beast in the vapor department, the Utillian 5 wax pen can deliver rig sized clouds that can melt faces and rock you to the bone. 4 heat settings, 2 massive coils, and long lasting battery life. For the price you won't find a better wax pen.
Source Orb 4 Signature Kit Review
87 Score

Source Orb 4 Signature

The Source Orb 4 signature kit comes fully loaded with 9 atomizers, a temperature control mode and the famous Source Orb mouthpiece. This unit allows for precise temperature control in conjunction with your waxes for a fine tuned vapor session which can rival that of traditional rigs.
Focusvape Tourist Review
86 Score

Focusvape Tourist

The Focusvape Tourist is hands-down one of the best value 2-in-1 vaporizers available. It features separate attachments for both herbs and waxes. The wax attachment features a titanium nail, and a bubbler attachment with an airflow carb that you cover with your finger to control airflow. The herb attachment also comes with its own bubbler for some seriously smooth vapor.
Source Orb 4 Premium Review
85 Score

Source Orb 4 Premium

The Source Orb 4 Premium kit blends rig-style power with pen-vape portability, providing a truly out of this world wax experience. The multiple atomizers will keep you playing with the Orb 4 for days on end, allowing endless customization.
82 Score

Zeus Thunder 2

The Zeus Thunder 2 is a great wax pen, especially for the price. It offers users a ceramic heating plate for even heat distribution and efficient extraction. The Zeus Thunder 2 is all about flavor producing some of the tastiest vapor we have experienced from a wax pen.
Lynx Hypnos Zero Review
81 Score

Linx Hypnos Zero

The Linx Hypnos Zero is a sleek wax pen that would fit in nicely beside an Apple product. What sets the Hypnos apart from standard wax pens is it’s “reverse donut” design which helps create an extremely efficient vapor session. The Hypnos Zero also features a glass mouthpiece to help preserve flavor.
Kandypens Elite Review
80 Score

KandyPens Elite

The Kandypens Elite is the most rugged Kandypens yet, featuring a ceramic enamel coating that is designed to stand up against daily wear and tear. The Elite as comes equipped with 2 separate atomizers and a built in airflow carb. This is easily one of the best Kandypens yet.
Source Slim 4 Wax Pen Review
80 Score

Source Slim 4

The sleek, stylish and durable exterior made form stainless steel gives a stunning look to the Source Slim 4. It is so small that you can conceal the entire vaporizer in your hand. The sturdy body ensures that the wax pen will not break even if you drop it accidently. With two atomizers, a built-in concentrate container and adjustable temperature controls, the Source Slim 4 has everything to deliver an incredible vaping experience.
Dr Dabber Aurora Review
79 Score

Dr. Dabber Aurora

The Dr. Dabber Aurora attracts users with its snap-lock magnetic technology. There are no threads to put together pieces of the Aurora, instead the Aurora uses strong magnets to attach the atomizers to the battery and mouthpiece making it super easy to load and swap on the go.
78 Score

Kandypens Gravity

The Kandypens Gravity features a dual quartz atomizer and a ceramic plate atomizer to give users options and flexibility during their wax pen sessions. The quartz coil is geared towards maximum vapor production, while the ceramic pad is for those who prefer a more flavorful experience.
77 Score

Dipstick Vapes Dipper

This unique touch-and-go vape pen allows you to use concentrates right from the containers. Just push the button, touch the tip and you are ready to enjoy smooth and palatable hits. The device fits easily into the pocket, and does not need any additional tools to load concentrates. The chamber and straw are easy to clean and tips can be replaced if damaged.
76 Score

Dabado Bolt Pro

The Dabado Bolt Pro is one of the fastest and most durable bolts ever made. It is a bigger and more powerful version of the original Dabado Bolt vaporizer. It works best for the experienced users who want to use more extracts in a single take. It comes with a large heating rod and a powerful 18650 battery that can last for 160 dab sessions. The Pro XL nails helps in delivering huge and thick clouds.
Kandypens Galaxy Review
75 Score

Kandypens Galaxy

One of the first Kandypens to hit the market and to be featured in a DJ Khaled video, the Galaxy is still one of the best wax pens available. The dual quartz coil is able to handle waxes with ease provided flavorful and bountiful clouds of vapor.
74 Score

Source Nail

The Source Nail is a powerful e-rig that features both wattage mode and precise temperature control to heat your concentrates. The precise temperature control mode will allow you to fine tune your vaping experience. The Nail comes with 3 bucket style atomizers (titanium, quartz, ceramic) that can be easily swapped to customize your session.
Pulsar APX Wax Review
74 Score

Pulsar APX Wax

The Pulsar APX Wax is a punchy little wax unit that is sure to surprise. It features a single, triple quartz coil atomizer that is capable of outputting some serious vapor. It is geared for those who want to get in quick, sessions that are full of power.
Puffco Plus Review
73 Score

Puffco Plus

The Puffco Plus impresses with its sleek and stylish exterior. It features a coil-less ceramic bowl which can evenly vaporize the oil and concentrates, instead of scorching them. The kit includes a carb cap and loading tool which makes the vaporizer easier to use. The overall design, perform and functionality are a remarkable improvement over the predecessor Puffco Pro.
Vivant Dabox Review
73 Score

Vivant Dabox

The Vivant Dabox is perhaps one of the most potent and powerful portable vaporizers in the market. With 40 watts power at your finger tips, the device offers an intense vaping experience. It comes with Dual Quartz Clapton Coil and Dual Quartz Coil to enable you to vape as you desire. The flip door allows fast material loading and coil replacement, while the glass chamber lets the vapor cool before it reaches you.
Qloudup Wax Pen Review
72 Score

QloudUp Nexus

The QloudUp Nexus is an engineering wonder that boasts a good quality build and adequate battery life at an affordable price. It comes equipped with a 650 mAh temperature controlled battery, a quartz and a ceramic atomizer. The sleek and compact design makes it easier to carry with you anywhere. This is a good vaporizer for someone who’s looking to get into the world of vape pens with an economical choice.
Ooze Weeper XL Review
71 Score

Ooze Weeper XL

The Ooze Weeper XL is a designer water bubbler that comes with a percolator to deliver smooth hits. It comes with a dual-titanium-wickless coil that heats up quickly to desired temperature to help you enjoy a refreshing vaping experience. The vapor quality is decent and more of average when compared to other wax pens in this category. The device is portable but not discreet if you use the water bubbler attachment.
71 Score

Source Orb XL

The Source ORB XL is geared towards handheld, rig-like vapor. This unit features a massive triple coil atomizer in an equally large marker-sized unit. It is not the most portable unit but it sure does an awesome job at delivering abundant amounts of vapor.
70 Score

Yocan Evolve

The Yocan Evolve wax pen looks like one fat pen and can be used discreetly in public places. It features a single button activation and fixed temperature option for easy use. The introduction of dual quartz coils ensures that you get pure and clean hits every time. It might not be the best in the market but definitely delivers a flavor rich vaping experience at reasonable price.
70 Score

Yocan Magneto

The Yocan Magneto looks to address the hassle of loading wax pens with its unique magnetic cap loading tool. Simply place your concentrate on the tip of the magnetic cap and snap it into place on the atomizer. This will perfectly place your wax over the atomizer, ready for vaporization.
69 Score

Boundless CF 710

The Boundless CF710 is an electronic take on a nectar collector. Rather than loading it like a traditional wax pen, you use the CF710 like a straw and slurp up your concentrates directly from the storage container. The main issue with this style is it can be quite wasteful and uses more wax than we want.
68 Score

Omichron v4

The Omichron v4 is a pen-style vaporizer that features a dual black ceramic coil wrapped in titanium coils. The vapor from the omichron is bountiful but has a tendancy to run hot. Also for the price of the unit, you only get 1 coil and replacement coils are quite costly. Other similarly priced wax pens tend to offer more value by including replacement coils.
Pulsar Sirius Wax Pen Review
68 Score

Pulsar Sirius+

The Pulsar Sirius+ wax pen is a donut style wax pen that features a glass mouthpiece as well as a built in wax jar. The Pulsar Sirius+ is geared towards a more flavorful wax experience, just don’t expect a ton of cloud production. This unit is more of a sipper than a ripper.
68 Score

Kandypens Donuts

The Kandypens Donut is a slick looking unit that is a bit of a 1-trick pony. It features only a donut atomizer, 3 temperature settings, and Kandypens “SloBurn Technology” that allows you to sip on your extracts for a truly flavorful session.
Puffco Pro 2 Review
67 Score

Puffco Pro 2

The Puffco Pro 2 displays a marked improvement over its predecessor with a big ceramic-lined chamber that can hold a lot of concentrate. The temperature controlled battery comes with three easy settings. Although the functionality is same as Puffco Pro, the build quality and feel is certainly better. It can generate 12 seconds of smooth and continuous vapor.
Atmos Magna Review
65 Score

Atmos Magna

The Atmos Magna is a portable wax pen with a single quartz atomizer and dual quartz rod atomizers featuring high-grade titanium coils. The wax pen comes equipped with temperature control battery that can be optimized with three heat settings. It also includes a magnetic chamber cover that allows users to easily access the atomizer with quick and easy reloading.
65 Score

Stok R2 Series

The Stok R2 series Wax pen by This Thing Rips features your run of the mill quartz coil atomizer that we have seen on plenty of devices. One thing we are not a big fan of is the heat-resistant plastic vapor path which we fear will not hold up to use and abuse.
65 Score

Kandypens Mini

The Kandypens Mini is a very basic take on a donut style vaporizer and a design that we have seen countless times. While we enjoy other Kandypens products quite a lot, this one just hits the mark in our book.
64 Score

XVape Muse

This is actually a vape pen that works both as a vaporizer and an inkless pen. Muse can be used with herb concentrates and there are two interchangeable heating componenets. The vape pen delivers flavorful, consistent and big hits. It features a unique air flow system with adjustable temperature settings. It is undoubtedly one of the most discreet vape pens available in the market.
64 Score

Linx Ares

The Linx Ares, is Linx’s attempt at creating their own electronic nectar collector. It is a sleek looking unit, that you use like a straw from your concentrates. Simply dip the heating element into the storage container on your wax while inhaling. Like with all electronic nectar collectors, the Ares tends to be a bit of a wax guzzler and will vape through your stash in a snap.
Kind Pen Dream Review
63 Score

Kind Pen Dream

The Kind Pen Dream is slightly bigger than your average pen and it comes with some unique characteristics that set it apart from the crowd. It is specially designed to be used with wax and other solid concentrates. It comes with two atomizers (Quartz & Ceramic) and a 1500mAh battery that offers an above average battery life.
63 Score

Cloud V Electro

The Cloud V Electro is yet another e-rig which does a decent job of handling waxes; however the unit on a whole can be quite fragile. There are other units available that offer the same experience if not more for roughly the same price.
62 Score

Cloud Pen Paragon

The Cloud Pen Paragon tries to make an easy all-in-one pen vape that is capable of storing and loading your herbs all in one piece. It is an interesting take but far from hassle free.
58 Score

Atmos L’Or

The Atmos L’Or is a flashy looking device backed by Hip-Hop artist Tyga. This unit is a bit more flash than function and really does not bring much innovation to the wax pen world. The see-through chamber and mouthpiece are a nice touch, but because they are glass have a serious potential to break easily.
57 Score

Atmos Kiln RA

The Atmos Kiln RA features a rebuildable atomizer and is geared towards those who enjoy to tinker. This unit is far from perfect for shows a ton of potential, much like the vape community, the wax community is starting to build units geared towards those who like to rebuild and re-use there atomizers rather than always buying replacements. The first wax version may not be a success, but it’s a start.
XVape Cricket Review
56 Score

XVape Cricket

The XVape Cricket is a basic wax pen for the budget-conscious users. It comprises of a heating chamber, a battery, a mouthpiece, and a single button. You just need to click on the button five times to activate the device. There’s no temperature flexibility and the device heats up quickly to let you enjoy flavorful hits. The vapor quality is decent but the device continues to heat as enjoy your hits.
54 Score

Atmos Q3

The Atmos Q3 is a bizarrely shaped wax pen that has a bit of an identity crisis. While it is a hard hitter, it is far from portable. The shape and glass make it a nuisance to leave the house with but it is not nearly powerful enough to replace a rig.
53 Score

Keymaker Wax Pen

The Keymaker Wax Pen appears to be an update of an old G-Pen Micro. It features a dual ceramic atomizer and dual quartz atomizer which are found in most wax pens today. The vapor path on the Keymaker is quite short which can result in harsh, irritating draws.

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