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Build Quality78%
Smoke Quality73%
76%100Overall Score

Traditional smoking devices aren’t usually worth reviewing because they tend to be very similar. But every once in awhile, something new and exciting pops up on our radar. Today’s review is one of those times. When we found out about the 7Pipe Twisty Blunt, we knew we’d need to get one and let you know what it’s like…

Product Pros

  1. Fun in group sessions
  2. Better design than traditional glass blunts
  3. Easily cleaned

Product Cons

  1. Takes a ton of herb to use properly
  2. Combustion
  3. Needs cleaned after every use


7Pipe Twisty Blunt Review: Breakdown

Build Quality

Build Quality

Traditional glass blunts are basically a big, hollow glass tube. They can be hard to keep lit, and generally don’t perform very well.

They Twisty Blunt has a metal spiral on the inside of the chamber that you pack which allows you to slowly push your herb towards the end as it burns.

This allows you to keep the cherry at the edge of the glass and easily ash whenever burnt material burns up. Another benefit is that the hottest part is always as far from your mouth as possible.


Smoke Quality

Smoke Quality

As soon as you sit down to use this, you are going to realize it takes a huge amount of material to fill. This is not for someone who only has a limited amount to use. Some people claim that they like to pack it full and just smoke it over time, but this doesn’t make any sense at all. Why would you pack good material that you don’t plan on smoking right away? It would get stale, and more importantly, have unnecessary smoke and resin drawn through it.

The marketing claims suggest that the design substantially cools the smoke by the time you actually inhale it. While it may be cooler than the end of a normal blunt, you are still using a flame to light plant material and inhaling it. It’s going to be hot.

A final thing worth mentioning: with the amount that ends up getting smoked out of this with every session, you should probably clean it every time you use it. This is especially true with the metal spiral. Metal tends to get nastier than glass. Cleaning it isn’t hard because it comes apart, but it’s still worth knowing that it should be done regularly before you decide to buy it.


The 7Pipe Twisty Blunt is a cool novelty piece. I wouldn’t recommend getting it if you are looking for something to use daily, but if you have the money to spend, it would be very popular at parties.

Pulling this out for everyone to enjoy would also make you the life of the party.

Enjoy at your own risk.

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