AirVape OM Review - Meditating Vapor
Build Quality60%
Vapor Quality62%
Look & Feel65%
Ease of Use75%
65%100Overall Score

AirVape is a growing name in the vaporizer industry, known mainly for the AirVape XS portable dry herb vaporizer. Today we’ll be focusing on the new AirVape OM for wax concentrates. To get a better take on this new wax pen we will be touching on the build quality, vapor quality, look and feel, discreteness, portability, ease of use, and our overall assessment of the OM to see if it’s a device worth buying.

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Product Pros

  • Compact size
  • Simple to use
  • Designed for wax and oil
  • 510 cartridges
  • Packing tool included
  • Keychain attachment
  • Three voltage settings
  • Works with disposable cartridges

Product Cons

  • Not for dry herbs
  • Only available in one color
  • Average battery

AirVape OM: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

The build quality of the AirVape OM is of the same high end quality as the AirVape XS. The OM is housed with a sturdy metal body and works with a dual quartz atomizer that heats up fast. Vapor gets delivered through a glass mouthpiece. The OM comes with a limited lifetime warranty which you can activate through the AirVape website once you receive your device.

The glass mouthpiece I had thought would lower the build quality in terms of portability since the device stands a better chance of clinging around and hitting other metal objects such as your keys. This is actually not an issue as the device comes with cover caps to keep it secure.

The battery that the AirVape houses is a bit on the weak side. This was expected since the device is very compact but it only holds a 350 mAh battery which is indeed quite small. The good news is that you are only vaping concentrates and unlike dry herb vaporizers a small battery can go a long way.


Vapor Quality

The AirVape OM produces decent vapor for its size. In comparison to some of the more powerful vape pens on the market it does however fall a bit short. The quartz atomizer is designed to be used with thicker concentrates and has a pretty fast heating time.

The OM is to be used with concentrates only. That is only cannabis concentrates and not e-liquids. Vapor production for cloud density is better with oil concentrates then it is with thicker wax concentrates. This is expected with a smaller battery and not surprising. Vapor production aside the OM still does a very good job at delivering smooth vapor that hits you pretty hard.

The OM has three changeable voltage settings that give you a bit of personal preference and vape according to your style. Vapor production with this unit can depend on the material being used. Since the AirVape OM is designed to work with most disposable cartridges it will depend on which one you use.



Look and Feel

The AirVape OM is definitely one of the most unique looking vape pens on the market. I’m not sure how many people will actually attach this to a keychain, but the idea is definitely unique. The wood design and metal housing give this little unit a modern classy feel.

Weighing in at just 1.6 oz and measuring 4.5” long and just .5” wide this is a compact little device. Don’t let the size fool you though it is a tough vape that will not break very easily.



The small size of this vape pen allows for it to be concealed very easily. If you have this thing on your keychain I personally think that it would just raise more questions and no matter how hard you try to cover it up a bit of cannabis smell will definitely seep out.

You wouldn’t want to get caught with this wax pen on your keychain while you were driving your vehicle around. I guess it would be no different then travelling with medicinal cannabis in a container. Just make sure as always that you aren’t medicated while driving and have this on your keychain.


Ease of Use

As with most wax pens the AirVape OM is very easy to use. Built with the standard one button operation the OM can be turned on and off by clicking the button on the end (opposite of the mouthpiece) 5 times quickly.

To adjust the temperature voltage settings you press the same button 3 times quickly. LED light indicators will display to help communicate its current status. The Red light indicates the highest voltage (4.0v), blue indicates medium voltage (3.2v) and the white indicates the lowest voltage (2.4v).

When you have the device charged and loaded with the atomizer and material you simply press and hold the button while inhaling to take a hit.



The AirVape OM as we have touched on above is a small compact little wax pen. This is a pocket vaporizer that you can bring with you on the go and if you wish attach to your keychain.

The 350 mAh battery is not a very big battery, however since it only really uses the battery when you are pressing down to take your hit, it does not use very much energy and can last longer then you may think. One big positive thing about the device using a smaller battery is that it can charge back to full strength pretty quickly.


The AirVape OM is priced under $100 which I think is a pretty good deal. It’s a new modern looking show off vaporizer that is more of a novelty than anything. It is not the most powerful or the best vapor producer but it has its perks. The build quality is pretty good and the vapor production is about average. Its nice to see that it is so affordable and comes with two heating chambers, a dab tool, and limited lifetime warranty.

If you haven’t yet checked out the AirVape XS for dry herbs it is another popular device from AirVape. The XS is on its second version and is a popular mid price range dry herb vaporizer.

There are tons of vape pens on the market and some for every budget, you may find it helpful to check out our vape pen section where we review the top devices in the industry. One popular device that may be worth looking into fits most budgets is the Thunder 2.

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