Apollo AirVape X Review - X Gets the Square!
Build Quality83%
Vapor Quality80%
Look & Feel73%
Ease of Use73%
83%100Overall Score

When Apollo’s AirVape Xs came on the scene a couple of years ago, it changed the way we vape. It set the bar for vaporizers in its $150+ price range with a perfectly designed body that simply fit perfectly into even the tiniest hands and unmatchable build and vapor quality. We could praise Apollo all day but we’re not saying that the vaporizer was without its faults. Well now Apollo has released its AirVape X—the offspring of the Xs—and we’re going to see if they have addressed the issues we noted before.

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Product Pros

  • Ergonomically, almost perfect
  • Convection and conduction heating for the best toasting

Product Cons

  • Vapor could be a lot better




AirVape X Review: Breakdown


AirVape X available colors

Build Quality

Build Quality

We will be comparing this vape to its older sibling a lot in this review as this is—essentially—just an upgrade. The Xs was well made, it was very well made in fact being one of the slimmest and most premium-feeling devices on the market.

The X follows suit in almost every aspect, it is the thinnest dry-herb vaporizer you will find anywhere and just feels great. Taking this unit out of the box, its weight and the quality of the materials used to build it will reassure you that this is a product designed to last. You will not be left wondering why you shelled out almost $200 for this.


Vapor Quality

The AirVape X uses a hybrid of both convection and conduction heating. This is usually a great thing in a dry-herb vaporizer, especially one that employs a ceramic chamber. That trio of features normally adds up to amazing and tasteful vapor but with the X it just doesn’t deliver.

Even though they increased the chamber size by 25%, along the way Apollo decided to compromise the vapor quality for portability. Can you get big clouds? Yes. Are they outstanding? No.

Now, before you run off, don’t believe that we’re saying the vapor is bad—it’s not! The vapor is great, but not quite as good as others in the price range such as the Arizer Air 2. The difference is that Arizer didn’t consider portability and that resulted in them creating a vapor beast.

There is a swappable concentrates ‘pad’ which comes in the box. It’s nothing to write home about and if you are strictly a concentrates user then there are many, many better devices.


AirVape X mouth piece


Look and Feel

As if right now, the Apollo AirVape X comes in two flat colors, black and a sort of midnight blue. They both look good when applied to the cool exterior of this interestingly-shaped vape with its square motifs.

As we mentioned before, if you are looking for something that reassures you of its manufacturing every time you use it then this should definitely be a consideration. If we’re talking about build-quality then the X can stand up with the likes of the DaVinci which cost almost double the price.

Apollo has opted for a magnetic mouthpiece which slides into the slot easily and gives you a satisfyingly soft click just to let you know—it pops out just as easily too.



Discretion is important in the vaporizer world. Some companies do better than others and some quite simply don’t care but Apollo isn’t one of those. With the Xs we saw something revolutionary, no one could have fathomed that a device that looked like a chunky credit card could be so good.

Well, it was, and it proved successful too so Apollo consciously transported that into the X making it ever-so-slightly thinner than its older sibling while retaining the feel-good factor. It’s easy to keep this palmed and the mouthpiece doesn’t protrude obnoxiously.

AirVape X side view


Ease of Use

Reviving the same digital screen we saw in the Xs, you’ll be pleased to hear that the X is just as easy to use.

It’s as simple as filling the bowl and firing it up with a couple of clicks, and then two thick buttons control the temperature. Cleaning is made easier with a wider mouth and bigger bowl.



We struggle with thinking of places where portability would be a problem, there really is nowhere you can’t bring this baby. The only thing that will hold you back is the thoroughly average 1500 MaH battery which will certainly get you from A to B but you can’t expect a marathon battery life.

There is a five minute shut off time too which some people don’t like but we enjoy knowing that our pockets won’t be burned if we leave it turned on.


In our honest opinion, this is just an improvement to an already great device. The Apollo AirVape Xs was a great, well-built portable and that is just what the Airvape X is. Great developments in the materials and heating mean this surpasses its brother but only by a little as the vapor quality still leaves a lot to be desired considering there are slightly pricier devices doing it much better.

If you are looking for something more convection based I recommend checking out the Utillian 721.

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About The Author

Declan Igoe is a Linguistics major who is fluent in both Spanish and German. When he is not busy learning languages or getting wise with words, he can be found vehemently vaping on the latest vape tech.

3 Responses

  1. Dario

    Hello Dan C,
    I bought the Airvape X vaporizer
    also thanks to your review (well detailed).

    Very good steam quality, beautiful clouds and good taste.

    But the ceramic mouthpiece after not even a minute and a half
    tends to overheat a lot (too much for my taste).

    Is it normal or is my Airvape that could be faulty?

    Because in all the reviews I read, no one complains
    overheating of the ceramic mouthpiece.

    It can be a defect of my vaporizer,
    or is it a characteristic of the Airvape X?

    Thank you,
    Dario Arcidiacono

    • Dan C

      Hey Dario,

      The mouthpiece getting warm could be because of your draw speed, try slowing down your draws a bit and the mouthpiece shouldn’t get as hot as quickly. There is also an included silicone mouthpiece cover which I do tend to use when I am going to have long sessions or cook my herbs at a higher temperature. Overall though I really do love the Airvape X and the vapor it produces. I’m glad you enjoy yours as well!

    • Anonymous

      I’ve experienced the mouthpiece overheating often and have the same question. Will experiment with drawing much slower. Thanks for the idea.


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