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Build Quality80%
Vapor Quality80%
Look and Feel70%
83%100Overall Score

Welcome to our review of the Apollo AirVape XS!

This is an herbal vaporizer with an impressive feature list, but the thing that is most intriguing is how thin it is. At a glance, it almost looks more like a cell phone than a vaporizer. Its definitely the thinnest that we’ve ever gotten the chance to try, and maybe the thinnest on the market.

On top of the size, the AirVape also offers precise temperature control, a ceramic oven, haptic feedback (vibration), and a customizable auto shutoff timer. These are all very desireable features, but only if it actually works well and delivers good vapor.

So let’s put it to the test and see how it performs!

Product Pros

  • Sleek, super thin design
  • Good vapor production
  • Precise temperature control
  • Customizable auto shutoff timer
  • Good battery capacity for size

Product Cons

  • Screen could be brighter


AirVape XS Vaporizer: Breakdown 


Build Quality

Build Quality

Apollo did a very good job with the AirVape XS. The build quality is very high, and I really like that the exterior is metal and not plastic. I recently reviewed the Flowermate Swift Pro, and the difference between its plastic exterior and the metal on this one is remarkable. This is sleek, attractive, and feels well made and durable even though it is thinner than a finger.

The heating chamber is ceramic and vaporizes your herb with a blend of conduction and convection heating. The mouthpiece is glass, so the vapor pathway doesn’t have anything that should mess with the flavors of your herb.

The customizable auto shutoff time is a unique feature that I really enjoy. You can choose anywhere from 3 to 5 minutes, and the display gives you a countdown on the screen while it’s on. More manufacturers should be offering this!

The final thing I’ll mention regarding build quality is the battery. The capacity is 1300mAh. I’d probably complain about this on most vapes. Bigger is better in this department and there are options out there with 3000+mAh. But bigger batteries mean bigger sizes, and this thing is super tiny. When you factor in how thin this is, the battery size is actually impressive. Apollo had to have the battery specially designed and manufactured just for this vaporizer.


Vapor Quality

The vapor quality is good, and a major improvement over earlier versions of this vaporizer. The temperature range gives you a ton of flexibility to find a level that you enjoy, and the ceramic and glass vapor pathway ensures you are getting the best flavor possible.

There is also very little draw resistance. People have different preferences when it comes to draw resistance, but I prefer it open like this. I find it allows you to get large, satisfying draws with minimal effort.

The heating is a blend of conduction and convection, so you get good vapor production even with the increased airflow. I’m a fan of blended approaches to heating because it gives you the best of both worlds. The convection side ensures even heating, while conduction helps deliver denser vapor. And on that note, this is capable of producing nice clouds of visible vapor, something that many herbal vaporizers struggle with.

Airvape XS Heating Chamber


Look and Feel

The thinness lends a certain elegance to this. While thin devices run the risk of feeling flimsy, this definitely isn’t the case with the AirVape.

The metal exterior and good machining make it pleasant to hold, and it actually feels more durable than most.



It’s hard to make a vaporizer discreet, but making it look like other common items is a good way to do so. This is another way that the thin design is a plus: it looks a bit like a cell phone. A close inspection makes it obvious that it isn’t, but most people won’t be looking at it for more than a moment. If you’re just casually holding this in your hand, people likely won’t even register its existence.

Taking a draw from the top will ruin this facade, so be careful when it comes time to do so!


Ease of Use

Another major strength of this vaporizer is how easy it is to use. Once you load the chamber, you just replace the mouthpiece and turn the unit on with three clicks of the power button. It will automatically heat to the last setting you used, and you can adjust the temperature with the arrows by the display. This is about as simple as a good herbal vaporizer can come.

This also offers haptic feedback, which simply means it will vibrate to indicate when it has heated. This may seem minor, but it’s nice to have when you use it frequently because you don’t have to check the screen to see if it has heated.



This is also a very portable vaporizer, and once again, this benefit can be attributed to the thinness. Most vaporizers are portable enough, but they’re not exactly comfortable to carry in your pocket. This slides in easily and you can almost forget that it’s there altogether.

The battery life is a bit limited, but that’s a tradeoff worth making given the design improvements it offers. 1300mAh is still enough to offer 40 minutes to an hour of continuous usage, which translates to 8-12 sessions. This should be more than enough for a day or two of moderate use.

The only downside is the fact that the display is a bit dim. This is a problem when trying to use it in bright environments, like outside on a sunny day. Thankfully you have haptic feedback and automatic temperature settings that negate the need to check it much.


I ’m a big fan of the AirVape XS. There are many things to like, and I think that it is appropriately priced given the features and performance. If anything, it probably outperforms other vaporizers at its price point.

This is the thinnest herbal vaporizer that I’ve used, and Apollo did a great job making sure this added to the functionality without making the unit fragile. The metal exterior is awesome, and you can carry this around in your pocket all day without it being a bother.

This is also easy enough for a beginner while still offering enough functionality to satisfy more experienced users. The vapor production is good, and the temperature flexibility allows you to change your experience to prioritize flavor or density. 

If you’re in the market for an herbal vaporizer, you won’t regret buying this one. If you can’t spring for the higher price, then take a look at the ZEUS Smite Plus. It offers similar features and vapor production, but it’s a bit more affordable. In fact we recently wrote a post comparing the Zeus Smite Plus and  Airvape XS.

If you try this out, make sure to come back and let us know what you think. User reviews are always helpful!

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  1. Riik

    A couple of addons to your review.
    Within ease of use, cleaning should also be considered. I found it fiddly and awkward to clean the mouthpiece, 6 bits in all and some very tiny and just a swab with a cotton bud won’t do. It does get clogged.
    Though the size of a mobile phone I didn’t find it truly portable without the hard shell case (the leather case included is pretty useless), the mouthpiece can come loose easily on a pocket or bag a spill contents.
    Its also has a smaller bowl, not a bad thing.


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