Alpha Puff Kit Review - Alphanumeric!
Build Quality96%
Smoke Quality85%
Look & Feel93%
Ease of Maintenance88%
90%100Overall Score

We’re a long way from the days of pipes made from apples and water pipes made from soda bottles. It’s a whole new world of smoking technology, and the talented designers over at AlphaPuff are here to guide us into that new smoking future in style. The AlphaPuff is an all in one solution to your smoking needs. Lighter. Papers. Filters. Prerolled storage. Plus a grinder and a place to store your herb. Oh! And it’s also a waterpipe. Isn’t that nice? Forget flying cars, the AlphaPuff is the future we’ve been waiting for.

Product Pros

  1. Compact, all-in-one design
  2. High quality water pipe
  3. Great torch lighter
  4. Smooth burning papers

Product Cons

  1. Only comes in one color
  2. Storage container only holds ⅛ oz herb


Alpha Puff All In One Kit Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

I tend to shy away from plastic pieces and encourage others to do the same. Cheap plastic is full of volatile chemicals which react with heat and are inhaled with every hit. It’s no good, and it’s the number one reason those smoking out of homemade piece should stop.

The brilliant minds at AlphaPuff seem to have the same concerns that I do, replacing the usual BPA laden plastic with top tier medical grade plastic and a glass bowl to hold your herbs.

This thing is tough. As someone who usually smokes out of glass, it was definitely a relief to have something so solid. You can take this thing just about anywhere without worrying about it.

If you’re a hiker, a camper, or in any way outdoorsy, this is going to be right up your alley.

Smoke Quality

Smoke Quality

These are my new favorite papers. They’re easy to fill and hold about a gram each. Those used to RAW papers will find that these suit their preferences quite nicely. When properly packed, there are no runs and no burn issues. They burn clean to the filter, no problem.

Of course, the Alpha Puff is also a waterpipe. As a waterpipe, it’s pretty standard. There’s no filtration, no diffusion, no complex series of honeycombs and vortexes.

It sends smoke through water and it does it reliably. One interesting style note is the 90 degree neck, which makes it easier to light and hit.

The waterpipe functionality of this piece is decidedly simple, but of exceptionally high quality.

The chamber is massive, meaning that experienced smokers can take huge hits, and those with less experience should probably exhibit caution.




Look and Feel

The first thing that struck me about the Alpha Puff was the fact that for such incredibly dense plastic, it was surprisingly lightweight.

Even fully loaded, this thing weighs less than a 2 litre of soda. And it’s surprisingly low profile. When everything is packed up, this thing takes up about the same amount of space as a bottle of water.

I tossed it in my bag before a concert, and literally forgot it was there. It’s also surprisingly stealthy. The friendly security guard who checked my bag gave it a quick once over and waved me through.

Try doing that with a traditional waterpipe (please don’t).

Ease of Maintenance

Ease of Maintenance

This piece is low maintenance as an artform. Unlike your favorite piece of glass, this beauty is modular. It comes apart quickly and easily, making for the fastest cleanup of your life.

It comes with a brush to clean the downstem, which really makes you wonder why didn’t my other water pipes come with cleaning brushes?

Like all grinders, the teeth and moving parts eventually becomes coated with residue which leads to sticking. Surprisingly, this medical grade plastic also holds up to mild solvents, so a little alcohol was all it took to clean it good as new.

My first concern with this piece was what I’m supposed to do when I run out of papers and filters. Luckily AlphaPuff sells refills on their site.

Is the AlphaPuff all-in-one system a secret plot to get us all hooked on their papers and filters? Possibly. Who cares. They’re great.


The whole concept behind this piece is rather new to the market. In the beginning, passionate smokers would collect pieces. New technology meant new glass. Your collection was endless because each new feature had to be expressed in a new product.

But what if it didn’t? What if one piece was enough? What if instead of focusing on amassing collections full of showerhead percs and honeycomb diffusers, of pierced bowls and cross bowls you had just one piece that meets your needs? What if you could just pick up and go camping, hiking, driving knowing that everything was taken care of?

That’s what AlphaPuff has done. There’s no fear of shattered glass. No worries about bent and broken joints. In an era full of smoking products and accessories, they’ve done the impossible. They have created a truly unique product, which stands out in the market not just because of how it looks, but because of what it can do.

If you are interested in a more traditional bong check out the Snoop Dogg’s Pounds Collection, you can read about the Pounds Mothership here. If are looking for something high quality that does not come with the brand inflated price tag check out the Jane West Beaker.

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