Arizer Air 2 Review - Air Supply
Build Quality86%
Vapor Quality85%
Look & Feel84%
Ease of Use80%
85%100Overall Score

Arizer, the company that’s brought us the affordable powerful desktop vaporizer the Extreme Q, the portable Arizer Solo 2, and the smallest of the pack the Arizer Air. Arizer has just released the Air 2 which we will take a look at today. In this article we will touch on the build quality, vapor quality, look and feel, discreteness, portability, ease of use, and overall assessment of the Arizer Air 2 while comparing it in part to the Arizer Air 1 and the Arizer Solo 2.

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Product Pros

  • Compact
  • Quality Build
  • Removable Batteries
  • Custom Settings

Product Cons

  • Not as powerful as Solo 2




Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

Arizer is a top tier vaporizer manufacturer in terms of build quality. The entire line of Arizer products are built using quality parts that are backed by a 2 year warranty with customer service that is rated one of the highest in the industry.

The Air 2 looks to improve on the previous build of the Arizer Air adding a digital display which allows for precise temperature control as well as a more powerful battery. Think of the Arizer Air 2 like a sports car with all the bells and whistles.

Here is what you get with the Air 2: The vaporizer itself, a battery, the usb charger, 2 glass aroma tubes and one tip, a glass botanical dish, 2 silicone stem caps, a belt clip carry case, a stainless steel stirring tool, 4 screens, a pack of incense botanicals, and the owner’s manual.


Vapor Quality

The vapor quality is pretty much on par with the original Air which was pretty good. The Air models are designed with an isolated airpath so the vapor is pure and does not come into contact with any electronics inside the unit itself. The glass stem that attaches with your material is made with borosilicate glass.

On a full battery that time it took to reach the highest temperature was about 1 and a half minutes and when the battery was low it took about 3 minutes to reach max temperature.

The Air 2 is a flavorful vapor producer but in my opinion and from what I have seen the Solo 2 still provides more powerful draws. This is most likely because the heater is more powerful and can more quickly compensate for a drop in temperature during a draw.

The Air 2 uses precise temperature settings which allow you to choose to a degree of precision. For more flavorful hits you can choose the lower end and for more powerful vapor producing draws you can set it on the higher temperatures.



Look and Feel

The Air has a unique look to it and it is easy to differentiate it from the pack. When you see the Air in pictures and then in real life you will be surprised at the actual size of the device. It’s smaller than you would think. When you are on the go the mouthpiece does not need to be in place so the travel mode is half as tall as when the device is assembled for use.

The Air has a good weight to it and feels very durable. On the device itself you will find 3 buttons and a screen that presents information to you which we will touch on in the ‘ease of use’ section below.



The Air 2 is the most discreet portable vaporizer that Arizer offers, it is a great deal smaller than the Solo and also comes in some colors that are less conspicuous. If you are trying to fly under the radar you will want to purchase the black model and there are a few things extra that you can do to limit the noticeability of you while performing a session.

You can choose to set the heat on a low temperature. The Air as we mentioned above uses precise temperature settings so you can choose something on the lower end. Doing this will heat your material slower and as a result you will achieve a more flavorful draw while exhaling less visible vapor.

Another way that you can make the Air 2 more discrete is by adjusting the brightness of the screen. Setting the brightness to low will have it in stealth mode so your less noticeable.


Ease of Use

The Air 2 is a very simple device to use and even easier to maintain. The glass stems are a simple solution to keeping the device hassle free. There are up and down buttons for the temperature controls and simple on screen text to guide you through the devices modes and processes.

The screen features battery level, brightness, audio alerts, heat indicator, and the current temperature. The Air 2 also uses a safety feature where there is a power on delay to make sure you don’t accidentally turn it on. Another built in safety feature which also helps to conserve your battery life is the auto shut off/sleep timer.



The Air as we mentioned above is Arizers most compact and portable unit. The travel case allows you to pack up what you need and vape while on the go. The Air 2 has a 50% higher battery capacity which also boasts interchangeable batteries with an overall faster heat up time.

The interchangeable batteries are what you need for device longevity between charges if you are going to be going somewhere with limited power supply. Another cool feature that you can do with the air is use the stems as preloaded bowls that you can bust out and be vaping right away.

The battery life is improved over the original Air, I was able to get 6 sessions at max temp at about 13 minutes a session, which is around an hour and 20 to an hour and a half of actual usage on 1 charge. This is pretty good for a compact dry herb vaporizer.


Overall the Arizer Air 2 is a great vaporizer, just like how the original Air was a solid unit. The Air 2 does make some good improvements like the display and the faster heat up and more powerful batteries.

But there is something that you may want to think about before going ahead and purchasing the Air 2. The Air is like the little brother to the Solo, and now that both are in there second generation it is a wise move to compare these 2 and see which one makes more sense to buy.

The Air does cost less but this is before you go out and get the extra batteries required to make it last close to how long you can use the Solo 2 for between charges.

Another area where the Solo 2 is better is that it heats up faster and produces more powerful draws. The Air 2 does have its benefits over the Solo 2 so it really comes down to personal preference. Hopefully I was able to help shed some light on these 2 devices to help make your decision a bit easier.

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