Arizer Air Frosted Glass Aroma Tube Review
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Welcome to Vapesterdam’s review of the Arizer Frosted Glass Aroma Tube! One of the prime benefits of Arizer vaporizers is their adaptability for a variety of accessories to help customize and improve your vaping experience. This little guy helps to bridge the gap between vaporizing and ye old bong rips of yore by connecting third-party glass attachments. The piece is available in both 14mm and 19mm sizes to easily attach Air or Solo units to a water pipe or bong, cooling your vapor and enabling more vapor flavor.

Product Pros

  • Cools vapor for smoother pulls
  • Compact and durable design

Product Cons

  • Not quite ideal for travel use

Arizer Frosted Glass Aroma Tube Review: Breakdown

Arizer Frosted Glass Aroma Tube



The compact size and tight rubber fitting for the Aroma Tube make it a quick and handy add-on for water pipes and bongs. You don’t need to be a connoisseur to appreciate the cooling effect this Tube has on your vapor, minimizing throat irritation and maximizing flavor profile.

The Canadian-made glass is sturdy and durable; while you’ll still have to take care of this guy on the road, the Tube is handy for around-the-house use and will travel well in a case like the Zeus Armor. Water tools felt safe and secure to handle with this adapter, with the high-quality rubber feeling tight and snug on the pieces used.



While perhaps not essential for achieving a consistently tasty vapor from the Air or Solo, there is a marked improvement in overall vapor quality when using the Aroma tube. There may be some debate on how practical it is to load up the Solo or Air with potentially cumbersome accessories, seeing as both devices already generate a consistent quality vapor. However, back-to-back comparisons made a marked impression on our experience, and we recommend aficionados to try for themselves.



TFrosted Glass Aroma Tube is a more-than-welcome addition to your Arizer Solo or Air if you have water tools going underutilized while you enjoy vaping. While not necessarily essential, this appendage will definitely elevate the overall vaporization experience and bring out textures you may not have thought possible. If you are fixing to up the cool vapor ante with the Solo or Air, then the Frosted Glass Aroma Tube is your first step in the right direction.

As always, thanks for reading our review of the Arizer Frosted Glass Aroma Tube! We love to hear customer thoughts on the accessories reviewed here, so please feel free to leave us a comment! If you are interested in purchasing the Frosted Glass Aroma Tube, check out the page for best pricing.

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