Arizer ArGo Vaporizer Review: Great Vaping on the Go!
Build Quality85%
Vapor Quality84%
Look & Feel86%
Ease of Use86%
89%100Overall Score

Today we are reviewing the ArGo, Arizer’s latest vaporizer. This Canadian company specializes in high-quality vapes, and the Arizer Go is yet another winner. Like its predecessors, this Arizer includes high-quality glass mouthpieces and spot on temperature control.

Unlike its predecessors, the ArGo is compact and portable. Now the smallest Arizer on the market, it packs the punch of a much larger product. If you have been waiting to buy an on-the-go herb vaporizer, we think this could be the one for you!

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Product Pros

  1. Extendable glass mouthpiece included for cooler vape temperature
  2. Runs on an easily exchangeable Lithium-ion battery
  3. Temperature range from 112°F to 428°F
  4. USB charging

Product Cons

  1. Full vape session takes around 15 minutes
  2. Unit gets hot
  3. High price tag

ArGo Vaporizer Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

Arizer is a company well known for producing some of the longest lasting vaporizers on the market. Even though this is a completely new product, we believe this manufacturer deserves some trust for the build quality of their previous botanical vapes. In fact, many of the working parts are similar, only smaller!

Where the ArGo really differs is the innovative pop-top that covers the glass mouthpiece. Unlike anything is seen on an Arizer before, we think this cool new feature could be the only potential build drawback. Why? The more moving pieces, the more likely something could break. In addition, the stem-protecting top feels a bit flimsy when fully extended.


Vapor Quality

In terms of vapor quality, we believe the ArGo holds its own among portable vaporizers. The heating unit is made of stainless steel and ceramic for longevity and quick heating. In fact, it heats up surprisingly quick, hitting a temperature of 365°F in under a minute. For this, we can thank the hybrid heating style of primary conduction with a hint of convection.

Here is the only drawback: if you are someone looking for large and in charge clouds, the ArGo may not satisfy your needs. There will be visible puffs, but they will be smaller than those from something like the Solo 2. On the other hand, the ArGo provides a flavorful burn throughout the entire session. This is perfect for those that want to preserve the integrity of the taste.

We also found this Arizer vaporizer heats the herb evenly to produce a smooth, even flow of flavor.


Arizer Go front view


Look and Feel

In our opinion, the Arizer Go is quite the looker. This vaporizer is about the size of a15mm thick business card, and it is incredibly comfortable to hold in your hand. Although the top and the bottom portion are made from two different materials, we couldn’t tell just by looking.

Unfortunately, we found the unit gets a little hot to handle when vaping at high temperatures for 10 minutes.



This is 100% the most discreet of the Arizer products available today. The exact dimensions of the ArGo are 3.2in x 2.0in x .94 in. This makes it one of the easiest portable dry herb vaporizers to hold in the palm of your hand, your bag, or your pocket.

In addition, the lack of huge clouds allows the user to be even more inconspicuous. Even if people do notice, the shape of the ArGo is reminiscent of many popular e-cigarettes.

Arizer Go heating chamber


Ease of Use

If you have used a dry herb vaporizer before, this one should be a snap! Like the Arizer Solo 2 and Air 2, the herb chamber and mouthpiece are both made of glass. Even packing herb is the same, easy process. Just note this glass is a different size, so it is not compatible with other Arizer vaporizers.

The digital screen is a high quality OLED interface. It tells you battery remaining, degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit, and the current unit temperature. In addition, there are 3 tiny adjustable controls underneath that are intuitive to use. These are in charge of brightness, alarm volume, power on delay, shut off time, and temperature control.



When weight and discretion really matter, you can count on the Arizer Go. We have already discussed the convenient size, but the weight is another factor adding to this product’s portability. The ArGo weighs in at only .2 pounds, making it a go-to vaporizer for on the go adventures.

The glass tube in this vape sits deeper inside of the unit than other Arizer products. This means it is less likely to get broken while being carried. The pop-top further shields the tip from breaking.

Arizer Go in hand


We have to say, Arizer did a fantastic job creating their first portable dry herb vaporizer. The ArGo is extremely easy to use, portable, and discreet. In fact, we can say without hesitation this tiny vaporizer is easily the most portable and discreet of all Arizer products. Even though parts of the unit get a little warm to the touch, we believe the ArGo is an overall solid portable vape.

If you still aren’t sure, this product includes a 2-year warranty with a lifetime warranty on the heater. You can be 100% confident in purchasing this delicious ArGo vaporizer.

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