Arizer Solo 2 Review - Greedo's Revenge
Build Quality92%
Vapor Quality94%
Look & Feel89%
92%100Overall Score

The new Arizer unit is finally here! After much anticipation, the Arizer Solo 2 vaporizer has arrived and it does not disappoint. With the release of several high-profile vaporizers in the past half year, the Solo 2 is not without its substantial competition in the portable vaporizer game. While the general design and setup should be familiar for those accustomed to the original Solo, there are a few significant upgrades which will be of much interest to vaporizer aficionados. Stay tuned to this post for scoring and additional review information, as we are still testing the Solo 2 and want to give you the most accurate review possible.

Get a taste of how the Solo 2 tastes with this sweet GIF animation of the Solo 2 being used through a water pipe; courtesy of our friends at TVape!

Arizer Solo 2 through water pipe

Are you not familiar with the Solo yet? Well then, sounds like a good time to check out the Ultimate Vaporizer Buyers’ Guide from Vapesterdam, and get acquainted!

Product Pros

  • Excellent vapor quality
  • Strong, solid build
  • Terrific battery life
  • Precise temperature control

Product Cons

  • Uses fragile glass stems
  • Not particularly portable


Arizer Solo II Mouthpiece & Heating Chamber

 Arizer Solo 2 Review: Breakdown



Build Quality

Build Quality

The Solo 2 continues the Arizer fashion of performing as a very strong device. The all-glass vapor pathway retains a fantastic level of vapor quality, although this is a slight trade-off in terms of how fragile the glass pieces are. There’s a certain weightiness to the Solo which lets the unit feel secure in handling without feeling cumbersome, and the Solo 2 continues to feature this heft.

The addition of the LED screen in place of lights for temperature control is a huge boon for the Solo’s build quality. The buttons are responsive and the machining is strong and secure. The original Solo has lasted users for years, so we are happy to see another unit from Arizer designed to last for the long haul.


Vapor Quality

The vapor quality from the Solo 2 is simply fantastic. The first Solo has been a smash in regards to vapor quality, but with some caveat. With the original Solo, vapor flow could be occasionally somewhat limited; the thick vapor produced was sometimes a bit much for the airflow to handle. The Solo 2 blew away this expectation, however.

The first few draws are pure flavor, letting you get a broad range of taste from the herbs. As the session continues, the vapor stays strong and pure, retaining significant flavor quality until the end. Running the Solo 2 at higher temperature will make the vapor strong enough to knock a more sensitive user on their bum. However, even this minor harshness can be easily abated by using the Zeus Iceborn or an Arizer water pipe adapter.

Arizer Solo II Heating Chamber

Look and Feel

As with the original Solo, this has a strong and solid feel to it. The carbon black is handsome and the general design gives the Solo 2 a very “official” aesthetic, looking more like a professional-level device than most vaporizers to cross our paths. The Solo 2 also continues with the brushed aluminum build of the original Solo, which looks great and feels even better. Due to the fragility of the mouthpieces, you’ll likely end up holding on to it throughout your session, so it’s good the Solo feels great while handling.



The general build of the Solo 2 is fairly inconspicuous. The plain carbon black body and slimmer design keep the device looking professional during handling, but he long glass stems are not really the best for discreetness.

However, even at higher temperatures, the vapor stays easy to control so you can have lots of cloud potential while not baiting yourself out excessively.


Ease of Use

The Solo 2 is even easier to use than the original Solo, which was not exactly a stretch in the difficulty department. The controls for setup are simple: holding the up and power buttons through the countdown on the LED screen to turn the Solo 2 on. Once you have been greeted by the familiar Solo *beep* and a happy face, then you can set the temperature with the up and down buttons

It’s also much easier to customize as your own vaporizer, as session length, sound alert settings, and much more are now adjustable by navigating the LED screen. None of these options were previously available with the original Solo. However, loading the glass stems is still a cinch, and the pieces fit together better than with the original Solo.



This is perhaps the one area where some more improvement would be beneficial. While the Solo is slightly smaller and thinner to better fit it in a pocket, it’s still not quite as portable as we would like, as the glass pieces keep it from being able to transport easily in a pocket or bag. However, there are other elements of portability where the Solo has some benefit. The battery life is very strong as well, with several sessions making barely a dent in bars shown. The estimated battery life is approximately three hours, which doubles the battery life of the original Solo.

While it seems the vast majority of vape users tend to operate their equipment at home, these users still tend to prefer portable vaporizers. The portability factor here is more designed for people to be hanging around their house; those looking for a more portable device may still be more inclined to opt for the Arizer Air, though these still use glass stems. For transport, Arizer does include a belt clip for the Solo 2, which will work well with your pager and fanny pack. Better to check out the Zeus Armor Hard Case for a more 21st century style of electronics transport.

Arizer Solo 2 Glass Stems


Overall, Arizer has ensured the Solo 2 is a noticeable improvement over the original Solo. The addition of precise temperature control is a huge upgrade, as are all the elements of the new LED screen. Most importantly, the biggest recommendation we can make for the Solo 2 is for vapor quality. If you’re interested in flavor quality and purity in a vaporizer, you will want to try the Solo 2. If you’re looking for a vaporizer to take out and about with you, then that’s a different story. This is one of the best vaporizers you can get for just chillin’ around your home; try the Solo 2 with a water pipe or cooling device and you’ll have perhaps some of the finest vapor available on the market.

We are very excited to hear your thoughts on the Arizer Solo 2 as it becomes available, so be sure to leave us a comment below as soon as you try it!


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2 Responses

  1. William

    I enjoy reading your reviews. I feel the Solo 2 does more then enough as a Portable vaporizer to over take the Mighty as the best overall. Especially when we’re talking about a mere point or two. Simple the Solo in a much needed (battery category) in your final summarizing of what determines the best from the rest… It’s battery life being superior alone should’ve been enough.. Made build quality & durability deserved​ higher points then the Mighty seeing ones “plastic” shell is far more cheaply made hint the many clone knockoffs, thus more fragile failure filled and defective rates have lowered​ S&B reliability big time. Solo 2 wins pretty hands down. Vape vs Vape and Company Vs Company. Faster heat up time, it’s easier to carry around then the Mighty, easier to clean, more efficient, can also do concentrates mixed in my herbs, Healthier Vaporizer overall…….Does the old great Mighty still deserve the better overall score ….? No way* If the Crafty ranks below how can a bigger version of a Crafty (Mighty) rank higher when it only has a longer battery life and temperature display but that’s standard. That’s it because being less portable isn’t the positive. I think the real race is who’s the number #2 Vaporizer??

    • Dan C

      You raise some excellent points, but I would argue that the Mighty is still more portable than the Arizer Solo 2, the main reason is the glass tubes of the Solo 2. If you are just carrying the device in your pocket, you either have to have the tube sticking out of your pocket or the tube loose in your pocket. And seeing as these tubes are glass, drops and breaks will happen which means you will have to buy replacements. It’s this reason why the Solo 2 take a back seat to the Mighty in terms of manufacturing quality. While yes, the Mighty does feature a plastic body, the plastic used is PEEK, which is extremely resilient to rough handling and has no effects on the quality of vapor. When it comes down to it, if I was to hand somone the Mighty and the Solo 2, the Mighty will yield better immediate results than the Solo 2, which will make you work for it a bit more. The airflow on the Solo 2 is still not as free-flowing as the Mighty and the Solo 2 still uses conduction heating. The Solo 2 is extremely close to the Mighty and for many may be the better option. But at the end of the day, we judge these devices on how they perform their task of producing vapor, and the Mighty still can’t be touched in that regard.


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