AroMed Vaporizer Review (+Video)
Build Quality75%
Vapor Quality95%
Look & Feel60%
76%100Overall Score

Welcome to the AroMed vaporizer review! The AroMed is a water-filtered stationary vaporizer that comes to us from Germany by the manufacturer Research & Experience. It’s an intriguing unit as it’s one of the first vaporizers we’ve seen that incorporates a water filter.

In the case you’ll find the AroMed base unit, the water chamber, herb chamber, power cord, medical grade tubing, glass mouthpiece, and the AroMed’s unique carrying case that looks and functions like a briefcase to protect your unit during travel. Even before you plug it in, it’s easy to see that the AroMed has more tricks up its sleeve than a fancy carrying case.

Product Pros

  1. Amazing vapor quality
  2. Maintains constant temperature
  3. Great build quality

Product Cons

  1. Only supports whip-style use
  2. Filling water chamber takes practice
  3. Glass pieces require careful handling



AroMed Vaporizer Review: Video

AroMed Vaporizer Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

The unit is made of high-quality components such as a unique halogen bulb which acts as the heating element and lots of high-quality glass parts. The glass is made by Magic Glass, a famous German glassware company who makes lots of high quality bongs and pipes. This means you’ll be sure to get high glass that’s sure to last you a good while.



Vapor Quality

The unique bulb not only heats up quickly to provide a pure heat source, but also actively works during your vaporizing session to keep the temperature in the unit’s heating chamber at exactly the temperature you’ve selected. When you take a draw on the unit, the bulb intensifies to counteract the drop in temperature in the heating chamber as a result of the hot air being extracted from it. This system allows for more draws in a quicker amount of time without a loss of vapor density or quality. To top it off, the AroMed’s vapor is water filtered making it some of the best vapor of any unit out there!



Look and Feel

The AroMed looks like a medical device, and feels very sturdy. One of the coolest things about this vaporizer is the way the bulb illuminates with each draw. As mentioned before, this improves vapor quality, but it also has a nice aesthetic affect. Try using the AroMed in a room with the lights turned off and you’ll be presented with a light show each time you take a draw on the unit!


Ease of Use

Once set up, the unit is very easy to use. When you unbox the unit you’re going to want to rinse the glassware in warm water to clean off any packaging materials that may have fallen in. Filling the water chamber is simple, but on the first time you may over fill it. This will cause water to bubble up into your drawing whip, so make sure to only use an inch or so. Your water chamber is strapped against the back of the AroMed using the unit’s rubber strap. The heating chamber where your botanical is loaded drops right into the water chamber. Attaching the bulb to the top of the heating chamber can take a few attempts, but will click right in to place once done properly.



The AroMed has a few great options, one of our favourites being the option to use the unit as a vaporizer for your oils, wax, or concentrates. The great temperature range of the AroMed enables you to do this efficiently, and the manufacturer has designed a neat glass liquid pad. The pad is made of borosilicate glass, which has marked resistance to thermal shock. Not only is it super tough against heat, but the glass allows light to penetrate through it, ensuring thorough vaporization of your oils by the AroMed’s halogen bulb. You can also infuse flavors into your vapor. Instead of filling the water chamber with water, try using fruit juice or any other flavored liquid of your choice. You can create your own taste sensations and have a unique vapor that no one else will!



This is one area where the unit unfortunately doesn’t excel as it’s a whip only system. As a result, you can only use it with one person at a time. That isn’t to say that you’ll only get 1 person-worth of vapor from a full heating chamber, but its limited reach means it can only be used one at a time while close to the unit.


This is a vaporizer that excels at providing top-notch vapor in the safest way. At its highest temperature settings, the AroMed will pump out lots of thick vapor that is extremely smooth. Giving you the option to vaporize either dry botanical or concentrates is something many users will appreciate, and the manufacturing quality that goes into these units is outstanding. If you’re looking for the best vapor quality money can buy, this vaporizer is for you.

If the AroMed sounds like it’s the perfect stationary for you make sure you order from an authorized retailer. We trust this vaporizer store because they have superb customer service and ship the AroMed safely and quickly across North America!

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